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More Details Original Title. Snow Like Ashes 3. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Frost Like Night , please sign up. CatcherR It seems as if the author is going for Mather. What makes this a big deal? His POV is pretty much irrelevant. It made no sense in the bigger context of the book. It seems to be a cheap way for Mather to be built up. Apparently Mather has to build up the nerve to tell Meira his feelings. Out of all the plot points in this novel, that was the chosen one.

Chances are that its going to be big deal. At all. Chances are we won't see much of this guy. This may seem harsh or a vague hypothesis, but a lot of authors who write their book when they are younger tend to become to 'in love' with certain characters. After all, they've spent so much time with these characters in their heads, that they don't let the characters decide as much because they are somewhat biased and want to cushion their 'children'.

It's a theory. For your third book, I think you should name it something like Thunder like rain or something, or hot like cold. Everythingat1once Frost like Flames? Frost like Embers? See all 21 questions about Frost Like Night…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. The bias, it is strong. View all 29 comments. Jan 11, Hailey Hailey in Bookland rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , owned. I am soooo sad this is over but ahhhhh what a finale!

Video review to come. View all 3 comments. Oct 10, Ben Alderson rated it it was amazing. Best end to a series. Well, it's over. Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring. Yeah, I went backwards. So many people die. That's what happens in a war. People you love, like, hate.

Meira is taken in by Rares and his wife, Oana. They are part of the Order of the Lustrate. Not only do they give Meira a few revelations, they teach her how to use her power to the fullest. How to control herself. How to defeat Angra and his Decay. I love that more people came together to help the Winterians in the battle against Angra. I love there was a happy ending for a few people but was very saddened at some of the people that died.

There really isn't a whole lot for me to say without giving out spoilers. This is one of those books that ever little thing leads to a spoiler with me. I can be simple and say there was the war, there were deaths, there were good things, there were bad things. Meira did see her mother again, in a sense.

Ice Like Fire ( Snow Like Ashes 2 ) ( OME ) (InternationalERNATIONAL) [Paperback]

I was very happy with the overall ending, obviously not with the deaths, but with Meira, Mather and Theron and the kingdoms. I will always love the Winter kingdom the best. Not because of who's in it, but for my love of Winter and having places with seasons in a book was pretty awesome to me.

View all 8 comments. We cannot deal with the problem as we have in the past, or we will always end up where we started. It brakes my heart! It's just so, so, damn good! Have you read it? No, Well then you must!! I love the world, the story-line, the characters, the relation 4. I love the world, the story-line, the characters, the relationship building, and the world building itself was done wonderfully. This book in particular is my favorite, it's so addictive and I couldn't put it down for much of anything :D "Frost Like Night" was an emotional read for me.

There was so much shit that happened, plus you get so much information, you have to wrap your head around it and my mind is still all over the place. With each book this story just gets better and better, each one better than the last! It's all just so well written, you get sucked right in. There are some heart wrenching things that happen and people die, but that's what happens in war! Not everyone get's a HEA. Meira kicked ass as usual. I love that chick! Mather is everything!! I also love Ceridwen.

They were so perfect and I just loved every minute with them. I am going to miss these books dearly, but I can always reread them again someday! Am I riight? The conclusion was honestly perfect! Such a great way to end a beloved Trilogy. And yes, work is involved, but at the end of it all, love is a choice — the kind you have with a spouse, with your people, with yourself. But if you choose, every day to love yourself no matter what — then, dear heart, nothing can stop you. No matter what happens, I will never, not in a thousand tragic outcomes, ever regret loving you.

He hovered just shy of her lips, panting, choking because, ice above, this moment - this was everything, the entirety of his life expanding from this one act, revolving around her because she was at the center of everything good that had ever happened to him. I am competent and powerful and strong, and whatever this war brings my way --even death-- I will face it like the queen I am. Who you are right now, this moment, is who you choose to be. View all 15 comments. Feb 26, Sana rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , cut-my-left-nut-off-instead , badass-chicks , d-n-f , young-adult , fantasy.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. View all 17 comments. Jan 07, Kiki rated it did not like it Shelves: ya , never-call-me-again , lolwut , books-to-use-as-weapons , masochism , love-stinks , lost-the-will-to-live , what-has-been-seen-cannot-be-unseen. Three words: I should've known. The sheer crappiness of both of Snow Like Ashes ' sequels makes me very, very hesitant for Raasch's new upcoming series. Because it wasn't just the flat characters, shite romance, boring politics and lame resolution that made this series fall so painfully flat: it was a total and utter lack of direction.

Maybe even a lack of planning. SLA could have been a fantastic standalone, tight and concise and brilliantly paced. It certainly marked the last time I ever gave a Three words: I should've known. It certainly marked the last time I ever gave a shit about any of these fucking brain-dead characters. But of course we needed a trilogy, even though no one asked for one.

I'm not against series. I would be a hypocrite if I was. In fact, I love series, particularly when it comes to fantasy, because I love huge worlds and complex casts of characters and long, detailed arcs. But when it's meant to be a standalone, it should be a bloody standalone. This books's sequels are like those trashy guests who invite themselves to your house party and then refuse to leave your digs until you eventually call the cops at nine a.

Then, when they're fleeing the scene, they break your back fence and of course you don't know who they are so you can't send them an invoice. You're just the total fanny who was dumb enough to say, "Bring your friends! There's pretty much nothing kind for me to say about this book: the only character I ever gave a rat's ass about is the victim of a pretty vicious smear campaign and I'm not here for that shit.

Everyone else could have fallen down on the wrong end of a circular saw and I wouldn't have cared enough to blink. It's just--I don't know. There's something so half hearted about these sequels. You get me? I feel the same way about this as I did about that dreadful Young Elites thing that loads of people loved but that made me want to take a nap in the oven. It was just so emotionally dead. And, like Marie Lu, Sara Raasch has written another book before this one that really felt passionate.

But this dreck just feels It feels like a mug cake tastes. Like laziness. All in all, a total flop for me. At least the covers look nice on my bookshelf. But I've never been one for interior design, or even cleaning up after myself, so I guess it's fitting punishment for this series to eternally gather dust on the shelves in my trash heap of a bedroom. Aug 21, Sophie rated it it was amazing Shelves: own-read , 5-stars , arcs-read , read-in , releases.

I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher. This in no way impacted on my view. This series became one of my favourites when I first read Snow Like Ashes last year. I simply adored the characters and world that Raasch had created, and jumped at the opportunity to review an early copy. I'd just recently read Ice Like Fire, but still found it wasn't necessary to understand what was happening. Angra is alive, and has infected many of the monarchs of Primoria with the Decay.

Only a few remain to fight the spread of the the Decay, and now that Meira is aware of the Order of the Lustrate, and how to open, and destroy the magic chasm, she understands the sacrifice that is needed, or else Primoria will fall. I have loved how in each instalment, we've had another PoV, and was overjoyed that we got to hear from Ceridwen, my newest favoruite in book 2. Each of the three main characters has their reasons for fighting Angra, and all know that they are risking everything they hold dear, and even themselves, at times.

Now that they all have one mission - save their loved ones, and destroy the magic chasm before Angra can use it to destroy the world, their lives are irrevocably intertwined. Meira has come leaps and bounds since we first met her. She has now settled into her role as Queen of Winter, and is a key player in the fight against the decay, and against Angra. She, and she alone, can destroy the magic chasm, and she takes this responsibility maturely. She throws herself into her magical training, and cares for all Winterian refugees she comes across. Mather, like Meira, has also grown.

He and his Thaw take it upon themselves to be Meira's royal guard, and without them, many of the Winterian refugees wouldn't have survived. Now that they all know about Theron's betrayal, the feelings Meira and Mather have for one another become more and more apparent. I'd always liked Mather, though at times in Ice Like Fire he was annoying with how his jealousy manifested. I had hoped that he and Meira would end up together, and I've got to say this book was filled with the feels. Both their PoVs showed their feelings, but there was always Theron lying in the background.

Everything I could have wanted to happen in this book, did, and so much more. I could hardly put the book down, and even though I was sad when I finished that it was the end to the series, it was the perfect ending, and I couldn't have asked for more. If you haven't tried this series yet, what are you waiting for? I can't recommend this enough, and look forward to reading Raasch's future novels.

View all 4 comments. Jan 28, Neil or bleed rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , books-i-own , owned-paperbacks , reads , books-from-authors-i-like. That was probably the best fitting words to describe Frost Like Night. Compared to its predecessors, this final book of the Snow Like Ashes trilogy didn't give me the excitement I feel on the first two books; didn't give me the excitement I need. Not that this book is boring, it's not. It's just that it came pretty standard.

It was also somehow, predictable. Despite that, I pretty much enjoyed reading Frost Like Night. Again, the book is not tedious to read. Less exciting, yes, 3. Less exciting, yes, but it still gives enough intensity and thrill; and worry to me. It had me fueled enough to turn the pages and read. The world building is great just like before.

It was nice to know and explore the other kingdoms in this book. Plotwise, even it is somehow predictable, the twist in the end surprised me. I'm like, "Oh shit! That's right! The pacing was all good and the alternate POVs really helped. I think the strong suit of Frost Like Night is its characters. I liked them, especially Meira and Ceridwen.

I liked how Raasch treated them. Their flaws. Their resolves. And how Raasch wrote and describe them. I can relate to them, even not in a literal way. I can feel their emotions surging through me that sometimes, I can't avoid to clutch my fragile heart lol These characters, for sure, I will miss them. In Snow Like Ashes trilogy, we don't say, "Oh my god! View 2 comments. Dec 05, Beatrice in Bookland rated it really liked it. Meira was fantastic, she's strong and smart and she learns to accept herself and that she matters , that she's perfect just the way she is and I think that this is the most important message of the entire trilogy.

I loved the romance , luckily I had chosen the endgame ship of this love triangle lol. I love the two of them together, how they didn't "Scorch this world, Winter Queen. I love the two of them together, how they didn't keep secrets from each other and how they were always supportive of one another.

And I also really liked the fact that in the span of three books we got to see all of the eight realms of Primoria! Plus, each realm was perfectly built, each of them had traditions and traits and every king or queen was a fleshed out character with goals and flaws. All in all, if you're looking for a fast paced fantasy with a protagonist that actually learns from her mistakes, a sweet romance and never ending action , Snow like ashes is for you!

View 1 comment. This is the third and final instalment in the Snow Like Ashes series and whilst I can say I enjoyed the progression of the story-line, some of my initial adoration has waned as the series has progressed. Meira was one of the few free Winterians left when her kingdom was invaded and her people enslaved or massacred. She spent her childhood at the edges of the world, honing her fighting skill and plotting how to return Winter to its former glory. Now, she is a woman grown and a queen in name. But h This is the third and final instalment in the Snow Like Ashes series and whilst I can say I enjoyed the progression of the story-line, some of my initial adoration has waned as the series has progressed.

But her people are still not free. An enemy has returned, but now she knows exactly what he wants. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 13, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it really liked it Shelves: kick-ass-heroine , fantasy. I wanted to be a soldier. Someone who would earn standing in Winter. Someone Sir would look at with pride. Someone Mather would look at and— No. This is one of the best high fantasy I've read this year, which might not mean much, considering the crap I've read, but I can only attest to my enjoyment of it.

This book is good. Why there gotta be a love triangle, I wanted to be a soldier. Why there gotta be a love triangle, man?! For all that's holy But onto the good. This book has: 1. A well-developed setting and an engrossing story , those of you who've read Game of Thrones will find the season-based setting in this book very, very familiar 2. A strong female main character who will not make your head hurt, and complex relationships between side characters 3. A believable romance. Fine, there is a fucking love triangle that is truly, truly stretched out.

The good thing is that both love interests are deeply likeable By the way, this is a fucking long book. Seriously fucking long. It could stand to be cut 50 pages. Except for us. Originally twenty-five refugees who kept Angra up at night, reduced to eight. Young Meira 's life is dire.

She is an orphan, but she's not the only one. She's lucky to be an orphan, because that means at least she, out of her family, has survived. The kingdom of Winter lies in ruins. Destroyed by an evil magician, a psychopath. Hundreds of thousands of Winterians are dead. God knows how many are left The rest are dead, disappeared, gone. Within the eight survivors are "Sir" , the hardened soldier who rescued young Meira when she was but a child, and Mather Winter's future king. King in name only, that is, because there is no Winter to return to.

Mather and Meira are friends, fellow fighters. She is a soldier, and so is he. They have been trained to fight and survive. Sparks fly between them, but there can never be a future for the two of them, during peace or war. The problem lies beyond Winter's destruction. It lies in the fact that Mather, the heir to Winter, is a male. The kingdom of Winter is a matriarchy , where magic is passed on through a female-blooded conduit. As a male, Mather is nigh useless. Except as a breeding stud for a future queen.

That's quite a nice change! There's also the fact that the magical Conduit is missing. In two pieces, and useless until they can be reunited. There's also the fact that The Decay rips across the land, destroying it. Sneaking into people's hearts. Making them do horrible things. There's also the fact that the evil tyrant still remains, his goal to destroy the kingdoms. To wipe Winterand its heir, out of existence. From all this mess, what can one girl do? Meira has no magic. She is not the strongest fighter. All she has is strength, determination, willpower, and an immense sense of loyalty to her kingdom.

Is that enough? Will Meira be content to be a pawn? You wanted to matter to Winter? This is how Winter needs you. And snow is everywhere, always, so much that the grass beneath it is white from lack of sun. An entire kingdom wrapped in an orb of eternal winter. Call it a GoT clone if you want, but I quite loved the setting in this book. There are the Rhythm kingdoms Each with their own characteristics. Each with their own eternal seasons. Each with their distinguishing features within their people. The Winter kingdom, for instance And the strength of their people reflect their harsh conditions.

They cannot imagine a life without endless cold, they think the people of the warmer climes are weaklings.

Their coloring reflect their country. Winterians, for example, all have snow-white skin and hair. The different kingdoms have their different customsand curses. They think the others are barbaric and savages. I enjoyed everything about the world-building, the magic, and the setting within this book. It was intricately built. Meira : But no matter how dire our situation, how desperate Sir gets, he will never see me as an asset. Just the overexcited child he had the misfortune of raising. Meira is one of the strongest characters I've read in high fantasy this year. Again, given the absolute crap I've read this year, that might not say much, but allow me to say that there is nothing about her that I hated.

She is a soldier, above all else. She can fight, and she fightsrepeatedly, for her life. I cannot die like Crystalla I still have my knife. I still have a chance. Yes, Meira has feeeeeeeeeelings , but they feel normal, unobtrusive. A momentary spike of teenaged hormones instead of overwhelming insta-love or lust, or anything heaviliy romantic that persists throughout the book.

Her feelings and her emotions are normal, and utterly relatable. Meira is strong, and stubborn, but never, ever TSTL too-stupid-to-live. She is never cut your nose to spite your face kind of dumb. She doesn't like dresses. She likes being a tomboy, but when she has to wear one. Hey, why not. Enjoy the frill while it lasts. Don't fight it.

It's for a good cause. My hair, a giant array of pinned-back curls, hangs messy yet soft with a few white strands dangling free around my face. I click my mouth shut. One of the things I loved most about Meira is her relationship with her guardian, Sir. Occasionally I could catch a flicker—a twinge around his eyes when Mather faltered in sparring, a twitch of his lips when I begged to learn how to fight.

But that was all I ever saw of the general who once carried a baby for days to safety. Like all of his actual tenderness was gone, but every so often his muscles convulsed from the memory of it. I loved their complex relationship. I loved his harshness, and his unwincing criticism of her. I loved the way she constantly strives for, never quite reaching his approval. I loved his love for her, so obvious that anyone can see it but her. I love the way she constantly doubts herself, the way she constantly tries and tries and tries to just be good enough in his eyes.

I love their love-hate relationship. It is one of the best relationships I've ever read in a high fantasy. The Romance : Really. Why there gotta be a love triangle, man? Especially when one of the love interest is You deserve to fight for your home as much as the rest of us do. Mather has always been a king, every moment of his life. Really, I hated it. Mather is such a good love interest, which made me root for him. Who is not a king, but a prince.

And man, is he a princely prince. He's not even a douchebag! He is a king, playful, gentlemanly prince who How the fuck does a girl choose?! He knows all of them. Every single one. And not only that, but he seems genuinely interested in them, remembering not only dozens of faces but also the smallest details about how that back acre of farmland is doing, did the trade with Yakim go well last week, is your daughter settled with her new husband yet? The only reservations I have about this book is that I couldn't connect to the main character There was nothing wrong with her.

I thoroughly liked her, but she was missing a spark that makes me truly love a character. Furthermore, it was extremely predictable. Overall, solid, solid buy. Read it. All quotes were taken from an advanced copy subject to change in the final edition. View all 77 comments. Feb 15, Emily May rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , , coverly-love , young-adult , arc. No matter what happens, no matter who turns on me, no matter what pompous swine thinks he has power over me, I am still me.

I will always be me. Okay, let's get some things straight first. Q: Will this book offer a never before seen plot with mind-blowing originality and absolutely definitely no love triangle? A: Nuh-uh. Q: But did I get completely sucked into this world and ended up wildly entertained for the last few hours in which I read the book in a single sitting?

A: Hell yes No matter what happens, no matter who turns on me, no matter what pompous swine thinks he has power over me, I am still me. A: Hell yes! A strong heroine, royal politics, reclaiming a stolen kingdom, a touch of magic and, yes, even a love triangle. But it is in the details of this story where the book finds its strength and still manages, in my opinion, to stand out from many of a similar ilk.

For one thing, I absolutely loved Meira. She's as badass as Katsa from Graceling but without the troubling pseudo-feminist propaganda. From the very beginning, she wants to fight for the Winterians, she refuses to be beaten down by the expectations of others, but she is also a flawed, complex and sympathetic character. However, she doesn't hold up this novel alone. ALL the characters are well-developed and the character dynamics are superb.

We should be a family, not soldiers. But all that really connects us is stories, and memories, of what should be. A love triangle typically has me rolling my eyes and yet here I liked both Mather and Theron. I can see how their differences could make it a genuinely difficult choice - should Meira be with the soldier she has loved all her life, or the poet willing to start a war for her?

For once I find myself excited to see what will happen between them next. The book does get a touch info-dumpy in parts, but I was honestly thankful for the world-building. The author has crafted a fascinating setting of eight kingdoms, each with their own customs, ideals and magic. The history is woven in seamlessly, bringing this exciting and horrifying place to life in my mind. And parts of this book are indeed horrifying. Meira and her seven Winterian companions have had a hard life, running from those who want to destroy any chance of Winter's throne being reclaimed.

I just couldn't put it down. Bloody action scenes give way to shocking betrayals give way to not-so-shocking twists seriously, I guessed it way in advance, but whatever, it was still fun! I feel like I shouldn't like this. Like I should be pointing out that stupid love triangle and the same old tropes, instead of wondering who Meira will end up with and whether to drop my other books and read the sequel View all 37 comments.

Feb 06, Sasha Alsberg rated it it was amazing. So many twists and turns I didn't see coming, loved it! View all 9 comments. Feb 12, Steph Sinclair rated it it was ok Recommends it for: People new to high fantasy. Shelves: young-adult , can-t-believe-i-finished , dat-cover-yo , release , high-fantasy , bea , print-arc , cool-author , not-for-me , disappointment.

I tried really hard to like Snow Like Ashes. Really hard. There are a lot of things a person might try to do. You can try to ride a bike. Try to draw. Try to, I don't know, jump off a cliff. And that's when I realized I was being completely ridiculous. You can't force yourself to like something no matter how hard you try. So I stopped trying and just continued reading, mostly because I really hate DNFing books, and took the pressure off of myself. Needless to day, Snow Like Ashes never improved for me. Be warned that this review will be full of spoilers , but not really since you can figure everything out by the second chapter.

But I thought I'd at least throw it out there. The basic premise around Snow Like Ashes is one you've read before. There's a kingdom that has been ruined by an evil king of another kingdom, imprisoning its subjects and killing the queen. However, a few survive, including a knight, an heir to the throne, an orphaned girl and a bunch of other people who serve absolutely no other purpose other than existing. For 16 years, this group seeks a magic locket that will somehow help free their people and restore the magic of the Winter kingdom.

The story is told from Meira's point of view, a girl who was orphaned during collapse of Winter. She's just a normal girl trying to fit in and belong to the cause. A girl who prefers combat over dresses. If you are like me, you'll probably start wondering from chapter one why the author decided to tell this story from Meira's point of view. And by chapter two you'll notice a few things: - Mather, the heir to the Winter throne, flinches when he is referred to as the king - Sir told Meira from a young age not to call him "father" - The magic of Winter is always passed down to a female - Sir never lets Meira go on the dangerous missions, but somehow it's a great idea to send their heir, Mather Knowing the big plot twist from the very beginning diminished my anticipation of getting to the end and having that "AH HA!

There are 8 kingdoms: 4 Seasons and 4 Rhythms, each with their own conduit filled with magic. Spring is ruled by Angra, a dominating and oppressive leader hell bent on destroying Winter. The reason why he's so focused isn't very clear and I'm thinking that might be part of the deeper plot of the trilogy. The issue I had is how the world is described to the reader. Info dumps plague Snow Like Ashes in the worst possible way. But then it's taken a step further with Meira giving explanations of the info dumps.

Just as Winter focused its magic on mining, Coredell focuses its conduit on opportunity--on helping its citizenswork a situation in their favor so they get the most out of it. Opportunistic, resourceful, swindlers: whatever they're called, they can make "leaves turn to gold"--a Cordellan phrase Sir explained in our many lessons, referring to the fact that they're so good at turning a profit it's as if they make leaves on a tree turn into gold coins.

That explains Captain Dominick's curse earlier-- golden leaves. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't need this explanation and many times it felt like Meira over-monologued her monologues and talked her way into complete circles. This coupled with a plot that felt very contrived , especially in the beginning, didn't always make for an enjoyable reading experience for me. A lie that was not at all convincible. I just don't buy that. Sure these may seem like great obvious choices to play off months in which these seasons flourish if you live in the Northern Hemisphere of the world.

It was little things like this that left Snow Like Ashes feeling very unpolished. And now I feel bad because I haven't exactly said anything good about this book. But the thing is, nothing really sticks out for me. Snow Like Ashes failed to completely capture my interest and, therefore, is more of a meh read. One that isn't terrible, but that I won't remember much about to actually recommend it to someone. But there was one scene that stuck out: the dick fight. Prince Theron and Mather just had to flex their muscles at each other over Meira.

I understood Mather's reaction because he's in love with Meira and doesn't like the idea of her marrying Theron. Pride maybe? Is he territorial? All I know is that, Mather started beating on his chest and Theron thought that was a great time to start comparing dick sizes. No man can refuse to answer that call. It's the kind of sword fight Sir has told stories about Sir, has warned Meira of these Mythical Fights of the Dick. Meanwhile, I was all So yup, that was the best part of the book and then it got boring again.

At that point, I was just waiting for the book to end. I had gotten that far and refused to give up because I'm really stubborn and I enjoy torturing myself. Though, in hindsight, I probably should have stopped. Basically, this book just wasn't for me. I was not paid for this review. More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery. View all 58 comments. Mar 18, Sabrina rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , fantasy-royalty , winter-reads. Before Reading: Woa babe. I loved every second of this book. It is so unique, and the characters were written flawlessly. It was pure brilliance!

Marvelous job, Sara Raasch! You truly are brilliant! For this review I am going to try a different approach to my usual review. The Plotline: The Beginning: From the view of Sir From the view of Mather From the View of Mierra The Middle: Mather Mierra Theron Okay that last one wasn't so much based on how he felt or what the emotion of the text would be like if it it was written from his point of view, it was just because Theron is awesome. View all 7 comments. Feb 15, Lola rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , love-triangle , war-setting , magic , royalty , romance , kick-ass-heroine.

While, overall, I found Meira to be a good fantasy heroine, there are some specific scenes, that could have been avoided or modifided, making her, somehow, get out of her character—a strong and fierce one. I did want her to be acting in a more mature way, during some scenes, because she can get childish at certain moments. Although, this was a little observation. She is still a kick-ass heroine. There is a love-triangle.

But, then, circumstances are that she meets another prince, Theron. The pacing is very slow. This kind of plot needs slowness to plan and prepare and make us understand the context, so it definitely was alright for me. However, I did think that the plot focused too much on that. At first, I thought it wa going to be overwhelmed with romance, but I was very wrong. I did enjoy the story because of how invested I was. What happened to the Winter kingdom was very sad and unfair and I was agreeing with the Winterians doing whatever they could to get their magic back.

I personally really liked reading about Theron and how he started to stand up for what is important for him and the people. The writing was one thing I liked most of this story. Well-written, in my opinion, as only a certain amount of fantasy authors that risk themselves in this impressive genre know how to write. The kind that will absorb you and won't let go of your interest, until you reach the last page.


I may only have rated it three stars, but I believe it is a good fantasy story that will only improve with its sequels, and I am looking forward to read them. View all 85 comments. Jul 18, Katerina rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , favorites. I can't believe it took me so long to start reading it! The only certainty was that she wanted to matter to Winter, and Sir and Mather and everyone who seemed to think of her as a silly girl. That need made her reckless but she was definitely made of the hero material, I came to like her a lot! And of course, I totally adored Theron!

He understood her, he wanted to fit in a world that was designed for him by others without losing his identity, he sook what was right, he was so noble and fair! And to my astonishment, I didn't mind the love triangle, perhaps because it wasn't in the spotlight and it lacked drama praise the snow above!

I can't wait for Ice Like Fire , next months will be insufferable! A wonderful read, one I am thankful it came into my life! Now I'm still in love with Theron I guess some things never change. It will ruin you, and not in a good way. View all 21 comments. Feb 12, Naomi rated it liked it. I'm not joking. Hmm, maybe I'll read this. February 3, Okay, so I've written and rewritten my review like a hundred times and I'm kind of sick and tired of writing it now. For now, this is how I feel about the book.

This is edited out of 7 pages of half reviews, so don't expect it to be perfect by any means: I finished Snow Like Ashes disappointed because I never felt that spark February 12, Am I the only one that notices that's Xena Warrior Princess's second Chakram on the front cover? This is edited out of 7 pages of half reviews, so don't expect it to be perfect by any means: I finished Snow Like Ashes disappointed because I never felt that spark. The spark that tells you you want to read more, you want to know what happens to these characters, and you want to really be a part of their world.

Meira makes up for it enough for me by wielding a Chakram, actually fighting, and her sense of humor. Theron is my favorite character of this book. He spars with his soldiers and even created a map on their wall to remind them of who they are. Not to mention Theron is just really wise with all of his knowledge. Mather is the second part of this love triangle.

I know, I hate love triangles too. Mather kind of had a few moments where he was all jealous and very annoying. There are a few moments that I really did like Mather, he has these really sweet and cute moments with Meira. Fix what? He never let me believe I mattered to Winter beyond my responsibility to lead a normal, safe life once our kingdom was free from Angra, regardless of how fervently I tried to prove to him that I was more.

It actually made me sad for her. They never gain any real characterization. I felt like I knew more about Gregg and Crystalla who are only ever talked about in past tense. Plot: Sadly, some parts of the book were just really predictable. A great amount of the plot is slowed by info dumps that occur nearly every chapter. Not all of them are bad, but I felt like some could have been shortened greatly. Though the scenery was pretty well described throughout the novel giving you a clear picture of the world though I was also quite thankful to get the map at the beginning of the book to give me an idea of the land layout.

Expectations: I tried to keep my expectations really low for this book. Was I influenced by the Chakram on the front to buy this book? Um yeah! At the end of the day, do I feel like my expectations were met? Will I be reading the next one? Honestly it depends on the cover. Since it took me this long to actually buy this one though, it may be a while before I decide to go out and buy the next one.

Overall, this isn't the greatest book out there, but it's also not the worst. To me, it's just okay. And I guess that is that View all 42 comments. Apr 03, April Aprilius Maximus rated it liked it Shelves: View all 5 comments. Feb 12, Sana rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , fantasy , daddies , badass-chicks , im-all-kinds-of-shook , romance , i-have-a-heart.

Warning: This review is a crazy ass mess, like seriously. Is this even a review???

Honestly I'm mind blown and so amazed! This book was fucking captivating from the start and had me hooked the entire time. I HATE love triangles with a passion, but this book did it so fucking well. Even though I was ann Warning: This review is a crazy ass mess, like seriously. Even though I was annoyed AF at times I loved it. This book is fucking awesome and I cannot even function right now. This book has me shook, you guys I can't even explain how badly I fucking loved this. I was super excited for this one and I'm so so fucking happy this turned out super awesome.

Like, I'm exploding with all these feels man. Everything about this book is perfection. The world building is freaking amazing. I know some people had problems with Meira because she was a "special snow flake" but I, honestly loved her character. Listen Sara Raasch knows how to write a fucking love triangle and she write it fucking good. I CRI. The words in capslock are obviously me screaming bc I have issues. View all 40 comments. Mar 24, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , read-in , fantasy , young-adult.

No one is as surprised by that statement as I am. And it is a love triangle. There's the boy she's loved all of her life, and then there's the boy she's forcibly engaged to. Guess which one I picked? The new guy! Again, no one is as surprised as I am. Plus, there's no easy winner in this triangle. Like, it doesn't turn out that Mr. Boy Next Door is hiding nefarious plans for world domination or anything. He's awesome, and he really loves her. However, in the immortal words of the philosopher Beyonce If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it. Nice world building in this one, as well.

The concept of the world and it's brand of magic, while not new-new, had a nice flavor to it. I'm going to be honest. I can't for the life of me figure out a way to describe the plot that sounds even remotely interesting. I've been staring at this page for several hours read: minutes , and I'm coning up with a blank. There's magical relics, quests, a tough heroine, honorable princes, an evil villain, secrets, and dreams from a dead queen. Read it for yourself if you want to know more.

I will say that at times my mind did wander a bit between action scenes, but that's typical for me because I have the attention span of a squirrel, and doesn't necessarily reflect poorly on the book. My only quasi-complaint? The Big Twist was something I guessed fairly early on, but that didn't really lessen my enjoyment of the story all that much.

So, yeah This was on the whole an interesting book, and I had very few issues with it. If you've been sitting on the fence, go ahead and give it a shot. Also reviewed for:. View all 29 comments. Jan 01, Ben Alderson rated it it was amazing. Well this book was an amazing novel which I will not be forgetting for a long time. I have always struggled with getting into the fantasy genre so at the end of I said to myself that I need to try the genre bit more!

Being the second fantasy novel of the year that I have read It has not disappointed! Bear with me, I do not normally type reviews but I will give this a go! If you want to buy the book with free shipping here is a link.. Right, I fee Well this book was an amazing novel which I will not be forgetting for a long time. Right, I feel in love with the whole setting and world of this novel. The fact that it was split into eight different kingdoms, four seasons and four rhythms.

Meira was a wonderful character who even on the first page showed determination! Meira as a character is definitely a brilliant role model as she proves that not giving up and staying strong really pays off! The element of magic in this book was fantastic, I really an jealous that I don't have a cool conduit of magic like a ring or staff!

This book is filled with twists and turns that you would ALL love! Sorry for this rushed review, I much prefer talking to my camera LOVE Ben ox View all 4 comments. Sep 28, Rachel E. Carter rated it it was amazing Shelves: have-paperback. Brilliant debut. Sarah Raasch gave fans of YA medieval fantasy exactly what they wanted.

This book had a lot of action without being too bogged down in details and there was never a dull moment. I found the protagonist believable and I really enjoyed her love interest, Theron. Not huge on love triangles but love to see them acting jealous;P. Jan 10, Evgnossia O'Hara rated it it was amazing. I was feeling epic! View all 10 comments. I hate this kind of plot development. It makes no sense, why do authors not get it?

It wouldn't seem so ridiculous if the story wheeled on the 'peculiarity' of the protagonist since the beginning. At least be honest about what you want your story to be about. Of course there are some cases in which this situation is well-handled. This is not one of those cases. I hated how Meira the MC remarks that she feel like she managed to get Sir's the man who raised her attention only when she finds out what she finds out.

Sir knew who she was since before, so he's always held her dear, of course, but the impression we get is that this poor girl was treated like a dirty rug for her whole life until she couldn't be treated like view spoiler [the queen she's meant to be hide spoiler ] in broad daylight. I find this offensive and disrespectful and I don't even want to think about what kind of moral it, purposefully or not, conveys.

The only good thing I can say about the plot is that it's really fast-paced and so, if nothing, you don't have to add boredom to the idiocy and the banalities you already have to stand. For one thing, I don't get why Mather and Meira had to be kept in the dark about their own identities. Why let poor Mather think he's the king, why put all these responsibilities and fears on his shoulders just to come up then with 'sorry, it's a joke, Meira gets the crown'?

I hope the next book will be about Mather's revenge. Despite how flat and flimsy his character is, he still deserves it. But then again, the whole story if filled to the brim with nonsensical escamotage s like this, and I don't really want to go on like forever. I'll mention just another one and then I'll stop, I swear: when Theron deliberately walks into Spring's hands in order to push his father to react.

I didn't know whether to cry or laugh. You doomed yourself to death on the belief that your heartless, horrible excuse of a father will move his army, thing that he never agreed to do, to get you back? And I thought you were intelligent and hot. The magic system is one of the reasons I decided to read the book, because I'd heard it was really good, but then it proved to be a big meh.

Not original, not convincing, not compelling, even confusing for lack of explanations. It is repeated hundreds and hundreds of time that the Conduits work only when they are on the lands they are tied to, and that they are tied to a bloodline and a gender, and that their power extends only to the citizens of the country they belong to.

How does it work, exactly? It suffices to be born within the borders of that country or the whole thing is blood-related? And if it is blood-related, does this mean that in thousands of years not my conjecture, Meira's words the various peoples that live in this world have never mingled? Sorry, but I can't believe that. Too, far too simplistic. Unless the book provides me with a rational explanation, which it didn't. And at last I know you were waiting for this the love-triangle.

Know that I am sighing. In discouragement. The truly sad thing is that without that horrible, embarrassing, let's-see-who-can-pee-further fighting scene it could have been even enjoyable.

It's not as if Mather and Theron are intolerable. Mather, as I said, is annoyingly flat, but he's kind of fine, and Theron is absolutely likeable, although I stay firm in my opinion that insta-love must be declared illegal, unless you are Marie Lu. If you are Marie Lu you can do whatever you want and still make it make sense I don't even know if this sentence is grammatically correct. Now, will I continue the series?

Honestly, I don't know. I've heard Raasch made a mess with the second book and I don't know if it's worth the torture. I guess I'll see. View all 39 comments. Apr 02, Andreea Pop rated it really liked it Shelves: cover-love , great-parents , royalty , swoon-worthy-characters , badass-heroine , good-vs-bad , favorites , epic-battles , awesome-romance , amazing-feelings.

Did I ever mention how much I love YA high fantasy? Because I do. Love it, I mean. But you know what I love even more than the genre itself? Finding a YA high fantasy book that I also enjoy, because those are so rare and precious. Well, fellow bookish people, I am happy to announce that I found another bejeweled novel that fits the bill perfectly -- Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. Let the fangirling commence. Just look at that pretty thing!

From Ice to Ashes | Rhett C. Bruno

Don't you wanna pet it? Second of all, this book resembled on some level the Throne of Glass series and I got serious The Winner's Crime vibes. But besides those deja-vu sensations, I have to say Snow Like Ashes had a bit of everything from the tales we've come to love: the burden of a young monarch that has to rebuild a crushed kingdom, too many vile kings to keep count, a touch of magic and a gloriously fierce heroine you cannot help than cheer for.