Bipolar Religiosity

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If you previously purchased this article, Log in to Readcube. Log out of Readcube. Click on an option below to access. Log out of ReadCube. The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between religiosity and mood, quality of life, number of hospitalizations, and number of severe suicide attempts among bipolar disorder patients.

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Sociodemographic data, number of suicide attempts, and number of hospitalizations were obtained through an interview with the individual and analysis of the patient's medical records. Logistical and linear regressions of the association between the religious indicators and clinical variables were conducted, controlling for sociodemographic variables. A total of All four domains of quality of life were directly and significantly correlated with intrinsic religiosity.

Intrinsic religiosity and positive religious coping are strongly associated with fewer depressive symptoms and improved quality of life. Negative religious coping is associated with worse quality of life. Religiosity is a relevant aspect of patients' lives and should be taken into consideration by physicians when assessing and managing bipolar disorder patients. Further longitudinal studies are needed to determine the causality and therapeutic implications of our findings.

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Or filter your current search. Journal of Affective Disorders [29 Jul , ]. Abstract Several risk factors have been associated with suicidal behavior SB in bipolar disorder BD , but little is known regarding possible protective factors. Religiosity has been related to favorable outcomes in mental health and to a reduction in the risk of SB, although the relation between BD, religiosity and SB remains under-investigated.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the association between religiosity and SB in euthymic bipolar I outpatients. In the multivariate analysis, after controlling for covariates, non-organizational religious activities OR, 0. I started losing sleep again. I started to have grandiose plans like designing and building my own house. I started having racing thoughts turned into religious delusions. During these periods, I begin to think many different delusional thoughts are in fact reality, and I was stupid to not think this way before.

Sleep was lost night after night, until I eventually called my mom in a panic and said something was wrong.


She drove to campus and drove me home and took me, once again, to the local psychiatric ward. The second episode of mine was more severe.

I had fantastical paranoid delusions, thinking I was the antichrist, the messiah or both. I figured that all the people in the hospital hated me for it, as well as all the people watching the news. I had many auditory hallucinations, from anyone from my classmates and professors to God. I was once again put on medicine and this episode was also incorrectly diagnosed as a second psychotic episode and isolated incident.

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I was forced to withdraw from graduate school, never finishing one quarter. I stayed on medicine much longer, and even was well enough to work a year and a half at an engineering firm.

Am I Religious??? Schizoaffective Bipolar

Then I decided to commute to grad school close to home. It went well despite being depressed and confused about my mental condition.

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  6. I graduated with a Masters in civil engineering and wrote a page thesis. But once again, a different doctor eventually claimed I was fine, and weaned me off my meds right around time of graduation in May All this stress triggered my third and most severe manic episode. Life was moving too fast for me even though I had no insight.

    Bipolar & The Importance Of Faith

    I scared my girlfriend while living with her with erratic behavior. I got lost once driving from Cleveland to Canton, a drive that I had memorized.

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    I was unfit to drive and got in a serious car accident. I lost the job in a week, lost my girlfriend and best friend and was admitted to the local psych ward on my 27th birthday in December This episode was an extended mania and did not occur only when I was in the hospital.

    Bipolar & The Importance Of Faith |

    It included a fist fight with my brother, a run in with Cleveland cops, very risky behavior, grandiose ideas, shopping sprees, auditory hallucinations and even visually seeing things when I closed my eyes, like strobe lights, music visualizers and even aliens. I was finally officially diagnosed with severe bipolar 1 disorder with psychotic effects.

    My Story with Bipolar Disorder

    All three of my episodes were actually severe manic episodes with some psychosis involved. I was put on medicine again, this time for good and have been manic episode free ever since—over four years now.