Dead Secret (Arnold Landon Book 16)

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One of the central political arguments amongst the colonists of the pre-revolutionary period was whether or not they should seek freedom from British rule. Yet on the Spanish island of Cuba barely fifty miles distant, the events in Haiti helped usher in the antithesis of revolutionary emancipation. At its core, black internationalism is a struggle against oppression, whether manifested in slavery, colonialism, or racism.

The ten essays in this volume offer a comprehensive overview of the global movements that define black internationalism, from its origins in the colonial period to the present.

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Horne at once illuminates the tangled conflicts of the colonial powers, the commercial interests and imperial ambitions of U. This is a classic story and one which has inspired a recent motion picture and also one which has been enthralling people for generations. They can trust no one—especially not each other. But soon the cagey John Smith was making the same threat—unless she spied for him. Especially not as an officer of an invading army! For Ethan Kaille, a conjurer who makes his living tracking down thieves, politics is for others…until he is asked to recover a necklace worn by the murdered daughter of a prominent family.

Promise of Blood is the start of a new epic fantasy series from Brian McClellan. Listen Shop Insiders. Retrieved 31 August The Guardian. Retrieved 14 December The Times of India. The Hollywood Reporter.


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Memoirs of the Twentieth Century. A guardian angel travels back to the year , with letters from and A good fairy sends people forward to the year AD. Only women are soldiers. A man falls asleep on a mountain side and wakes twenty years in the future. He finds he has been forgotten, his wife has died and his daughter is no longer a child.

The heartless Ebenezer Scrooge , an old miser, is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past , Present and Yet to Come , in order to teach him the consequences of his selfish ways. The Clock that Went Backward. A clock takes people back in time. The first story to use a machine for time travel.

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Enrique Gaspar y Rimbau. Looking Backward : — In the late 19th century, Julian West falls into a deep, hypnosis-induced sleep and wakes years later. A Dream of John Ball. The Chronic Argonauts.

Dead Secret (Arnold Landon Book 16)

An inventor takes a companion in his time machine. The companion narrates the story of their subsequent adventures. Golf in the Year A man falls asleep in and wakes up in the year Trains are supersonic, and golf and politics are the only activities not yet dominated by masculinized women. There, humans have evolved into two species, Morlocks and Eloi. The Defence of Duffer's Drift. A military tactics manual, framed as a series of six dreams by "Lieutenant Backsight Forethought" about the defence of a river crossing in the Boer War. His tactics in the early dreams are disastrous, but BF learns something each time, until in the final defence he is successful.

The Story of the Amulet. A mysterious artifact brings British children to Babylon, Roman Gaul and other ancient civilizations, and to a future British utopia. Enoch is transported forward from to to find out whether he became a great writer. His tale involves a Faustian pact. The Excursions of Mr. Armageddon A. A strange cave gas transports Anthony Rogers to AD. This story was the basis of the comic strip Buck Rogers. An archaeologist is transported from Rome, in the time of Mussolini, back to the 6th century and tries to prevent the fall of the Roman Empire.

A circular paradox -character is brought to the future where he later operates a time machine to bring himself to the future. All-Star Comics The Justice Society of America uses a time ray to travel years into the future to secure an effective defense against bomb attacks.

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A desperate attempt is made to find the origin point of a knife whose metal has extreme properties brought to the world by a time traveler. Scientists invent a substance which allows time travel. Future humanity has branched into species for different tasks. They also visit the past. The story was adapted into a film in Moore and Henry Kuttner. Time travellers from the future experience wonderful seasons and spectacular events in the past.

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  7. A villain murders a scientist who invented a time machine, and tries to use it to alter history so modern technology cannot defeat his bid to conquer America. After putting on a gauntlet , a boy is transported back to in Wales. The butterfly effect means changes made in the past will affect the future. A time traveller from an alternate reality travels back to the Battle of Gettysburg and changes his own future into ours. An experiment involving the time travel of a small brass cube results in disaster.

    Time guardians carry out "Reality Changes" to minimize human suffering, as integrated over the whole of future human history. Time Patrol , plus 10 others. The Stars My Destination. Gully Foyle lives in a future where self- teleportation is common. He learns to teleport through time. The narrator travels twice to Wales in the year Each time he encounters a different future. The Door into Summer.

    A man has been trapped in suspended animation for thirty years. The Last Word. A tale of Armageddon and the Devil. Soldier from Tomorrow. A soldier travels from back from the future to warn the world of its path towards global conflict. The Men Who Murdered Mohammed. A professor travels back in time and kills his wife's grandfather so that his wife will never have existed.

    However, the results confound him. Tom's Midnight Garden. In this children's novel, a boy is living in medical quarantine in a s apartment building. He finds himself in the building's garden of the s and there is a girl there with whom he can play. Danny Dunn, Time Traveler. Raymond Abrashkin and Jay Williams. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Heroes travel to Ancient Egypt and meet Pharaoh Rama-Tut, who is a time traveller from the 31st century. The first appearance of Marvel Comics time-travelling villain, Kang the Conqueror. Doctor Who gave rise to more than original novels and novelisations based on the popular science fiction television show.

    The Great Time Machine Hoax. A man inherits his uncle's mansion that has a computer that can function as a time machine, although they are slow to realize it. A US Navy research ship accidentally travels back in time. The book was nominated for the Nebula Award , but lost to Dune. A children's mystery set in England where the main protagonist travels to the time of World War I.

    The Technicolor Time Machine. A bankrupt film studio and a mediocre film director make a movie of the founding of Vinland. Using a time travel machine, they cast real Vikings. An oppressive government uses a time machine to deport their political prisoners to the Cambrian , a half-billion years in the past. After saving an alien stranded on Earth, a boy is given a belt that allows him to travel through space and time. Charlotte Sometimes.

    A boarding-school story where the protagonist, Charlotte, travels back in time to be Claire in A man is randomly travelling through time, jumping from one event to another in no particular order. The House on the Strand. A man uses a time machine to travel to 28 AD, in the hope of meeting Jesus. Quest for the Future. A man once exposed to films from the future is drawn into an adventure to become part of a group of time travellers linked by a special building. The Year of the Quiet Sun. Phillip Jose Farmer. A pastiche wherein a future Tarzan using the name John Gribardsun orchestrates time-travel research allowing him to travel to 12, BC.

    Time Enough for Love. The Man Who Folded Himself.

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    They join the Children's Crusade , and save most of them with 20th-century knowledge and high technology such as a box of matches. Refugees from years in the future arrive through time tunnels - and hard behind them come ravening monsters. A young man sees an old photograph of a woman. Through hypnosis he travels back from to to meet her. The story was the basis of the film Somewhere in Time. Christopher Priest. Travellers from the future "freeze" small groups of people into "tableaux". The people in each tableau vivant become invisible and permeable to others, until the effect wears off, sometimes after many years.

    A half-finished Tipler cylinder is discovered by a future human explorer. When the leader decides to complete it, his civilization is destroyed by a nova. Time After Time. Karl Alexander. Wells builds a time machine, which is stolen by Jack the Ripper so he can escape the authorities and continue his killing spree in the future. The Morlocks from H.

    Tachyons are used to warn scientists of the past about an upcoming disaster. Winner of several prestigious science fiction awards. A racist US colonel plans to aid the Confederacy with submachine gun plans and is pursued through time by a black cop. An African-American woman, inexplicably transported from Los Angeles to early 19th century Maryland, meets her ancestors. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. The Milliways restaurant is frozen in the last moment before the universe succumbs to final entropy. Time travel is required to reach it. Time travellers from the late twenty-first to the early twenty-second century go through a one-way time portal to the Earth's Pliocene.

    The world is controlled by humanoid extraterrestrials. Life, the Universe and Everything. Time travel paradoxes form the basis of this broad comedy, as in the case of the ancient poet Lallafa. In the far distant future, a team of time travellers snatch the passengers of a crashed aeroplane, leaving behind prefabricated bodies for rescue teams to find. The novel is the basis of the film. In , a millionaire discovers time-travel gates and organizes a trip to to attend a lecture given by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. A professor hired by the millionaire is trapped in 19th-century London.

    The Toynbee Convector. A stagnating civilization of the s is revitalized when a man produces evidence of a future utopia , obtained through time travel. Mankind is inspired by the evidence to achieve this utopia. Many people and events we consider fictional are historical, and vice versa; the action of each book weaves in and out of the events of a famous work of literature.

    The Proteus Operation. Decades after Axis victory in World War II , the besieged forces of freedom mount a covert military mission to , to alter the outcome of the war.

    Spock , in Seattle in discovers a Klingon plot to destroy the United Federation of Planets by assassinating an ancestor of his mother who will later be instrumental in repelling an invasion by the alien Karsids. A man made space ship from the far future passes through a wormhole. It crashes onto the Earth where it is thought to be an alien vessel.

    She is caught up in a struggle to preserve history.

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    The Devil's Arithmetic. During a Passover Seder , a woman is transported back to in Poland and is sent to a death camp. Four Past Midnight : "The Langoliers".

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    An airplane accidentally flies through a rip in the space-time continuum. It appears in the "used time" of yesterday, where dreadful "Langoliers" eat the past. Outlander series. A woman time travels from the s to the s by stepping through the standing stones in Scotland. The Guns of the South. A history student is inadvertently sent to England, at the beginning of the Black Death pandemic. The Cross-Time Engineer. A 20th-century Polish engineer is transported back to 13th century Poland, ten years before the Mongol invasion. The Hundred-Light-Year-Diary. After the invention of a method for sending messages back in time, the history of the future becomes common knowledge, and every person knows their own fate.

    From Time to Time. Adventures include voyaging on the RMS Titanic. The authorised sequel to H. Wells' The Time Machine. Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus. Researchers look back in time to see Christopher Columbus 's arrival in the New World , in order to save the world from ecological disaster.

    Animorphs and Visser 3 are sent back a few hours to the Amazon by a Saurio Rip, with the plot used again in Altermorph 1. In Megamorph 2, the same concept is used to send the animorphs back to 65 million BC. In the Garden of Iden. Two men in the present attempt to prevent the birth of Adolf Hitler. To Say Nothing of the Dog. A comedy in which historians travel back in time to find an artifact for a wealthy woman. They experience the Blitz at St. Features a scene with a dinosaur in a hotel room. A boy gets transported to a weird world by a blue light, only to discover that it is the dark future of planet Earth.