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Trump took office to 45, in the fiscal year, which ended Sept. Delays caused by extra levels of screening ordered by the Trump administration — targeting especially people from 11 countries, 10 of them predominantly Muslim — meant that only 22, refugees actually arrived in fiscal Since it began in in a storefront on the Lower East Side of Manhattan as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, HIAS has assisted millions of people displaced by conflict or persecution, often on account of their religious or political beliefs, to rebuild their lives.

Its clients have often been Jews — its first mission was to aid those fleeing pogroms in Eastern Europe — but the agency has also helped resettle many other kinds of refugees, including thousands of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians after Communist victories in Southeast Asia in the s. Hetfield said. The organization played a role in resettling more than , Soviet Jews who reached the United States, including the families of Sergey Brin, a co-founder of Google, who came in when he was 6, and Jan Koum, a co-founder of WhatsApp, who arrived as a teenager about a decade later.

Brin, who has donated to HIAS, said in a interview. She and her parents, fleeing anti-Semitism, emigrated from the Soviet Union in The family arrived in Minneapolis in Reasoning Ability Topic-wis The book is Ok-ish.

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Those hopes would soon be dashed by immigration authorities, sending the ship back to Europe. And then, nearly a third of the passengers on the St.

Louis were murdered. Though World War II had not yet begun, the groundwork for the Holocaust was already being laid in Germany, where Jewish people faced harassment, discrimination and political persecution. But though the danger faced by the passengers was clear, they were turned down by immigration authorities, first by Cuba, then the United States and Canada.

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For many on the St. Louis , that rejection was a death sentence.

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Refugees aboard the M. Here, they are seen arriving in Antwerp, Belgium after over a month at sea, during which they were denied entry to Cuba. The voyage took place as German persecution of Jews reached a fever pitch. For many Jews, Kristallnacht was a clear signal to leave. At the time, German Jews were being pushed by the Nazis to emigrate, and the danger faced by Jews elsewhere in Europe led some to find ways to leave the continent for good.

Languages at a Jewish Orthodox Camp at a Swiss Refugee Camp

The Jewish people aboard the St. Louis had made the difficult decision to start new lives thousands of miles away.

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The ship's destination was Cuba, where most passengers planned to live while awaiting entry into the United States. It took two weeks for the St. Louis , which flew a Nazi flag, to reach Havana. Rather, Cuban officials refused to let the passengers disembark.