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Tens of dancers, in varying shades and sizes dressed in black, gather around a white circular object in a sparse, desert-like setting — three curved, disconnected and multi-tiered structures form a circle, with groups interspersed throughout. This is not just a music video, it is video art, a sculpture of massive proportions, performance art, and more, all for one song.

But I really want to make work to be discovered 50 years from now. Time on the road promoting and performing for A Seat at the Table mentally, physically, and emotionally disjointed her. I wanted it to be. And [When I Get] Home is for me. There was Emancipation Park, first formed in — the oldest in Texas , it was once the only public park open to black people in the state. A friendly middle-aged security guard roaming the premises spoke of how the neighbourhood had changed as a result of gentrification. What was once the battleground of an infamous shootout between Houston police and the Black Panthers, has since transformed into a vast, inviting space, featuring everything from a community centre and playground, to pools, athletic courts, and a live concert venue.

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In , she made headlines as an advocate and participant in the BlackBank movement, which encouraged black Americans to move their money into black-owned banks — Knowles chose Unity National , the only African American-owned bank in Texas. The singer describes it as a ground for her creativity, and although the family no longer occupy the space, the current owners continue to maintain that creative spirit, with large pieces of art lining the walls and neon coloured bottles of hair products.

Each location there were nine in total held meaning for Solange; bits and pieces of this Houston found their way into her work. Texans are grounded in their culture.

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Although the state may often be the source of ridicule by outsiders, there has been and always will be innovation born out of its simultaneous vastness and insularity. Only here could you get a mix of zydeco tunes, rhinestone-covered African American cowboys, block-wide churches, barbecue, purple drank and Nasa. Focusing on specific lines became not only a part of the editing session, it became the foundation of the album.

They are the childhood friends who once formed a rough band with the artist during her adolescence. They are the young, Texas-bred creatives who collaborated on the film, and the Instagram hotties who steal the show in its Solange-less parts. These are her people, the true essence of home, even if the rest of us were just getting to know them. All of them helped form her singular vision; all of them mattered. It just feels good. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

View this post on Instagram. Topics Solange Knowles. Reuse this content. We don't care how many industry big wigs pretend that it does. For the record, a Pine tree does not have the problem of internal water. It seals itself with it's thick Pine Sap. We do not need to Seal Pines.

They do it themselves. Now Trees have Wood for Brains but if the Pine Tree understands how important it is to seal a cut or break, you'd think the other tree guys would be just as smart. The Truth is there are lots of tree guys.. Maybe your previous Tree Guy was merely unaware of the predictable outcome between water and wood.

That's a Red Flag that you might want to take note of before calling him back. Personally, I cannot relate to any Tree company that has callously or willingly not noticed the obvious results of ignoring the obvious and predictable visible outcomes of internal water on a hard wood tree.

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If you are interested in a Tree service that focuses on taking measures that extend the life of your trees.. We Welcome You. The sad truth is that most Tree guys are primarily interested in only cutting down trees. We do that also and we do it well.. Some tree guys will even argue with you if you request ''Sealing'' and claim that "The Industry Standard has changed" I strongly suggest you laugh out loud if you hear that..

Keeping your trees healthy and Safe..

In This End Is Our Beginning (On Going Home Again)

Is not a laughing matter and it's not a job for some tree guy that works under an illusion that ignoring the laws of physics is somehow OK.. It's Easy - We are the alternative to We do Curb appeal. Landscaping services Root Wall Barriers Much more! We truly want to improve Your Trees First and Foremost and when necessary, remove the threats of dangerous limbs or dangerous trees. Mother Nature, is always making a point of reminding us of how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of the universe.

Yet within those reminders we are always able to discover as children of God, that we are strong enough to meet and overcome the overwhelming power of nature. Then more hurricanes. And then comes.. The Southern Pine Bark Beetle.

Home Again To Texas Roots

We offer to Houston, to You.. In the beetle battles, we exclusively provide Houston with a low cost effective lifetime protection against the Pine Bark Beetle. It's just one element of our successful business model which focuses on saving your trees, rather than what the big guys seem to focus on, which is simply cutting and hauling as many trees as possible. The proof of that is the extremely high cost you would pay the BCTG 's. You won't find a better price..

The high cost demanded by the BCTG 's, in essence boxes you in, leaving your trees unprotected because, well it simply cost too much. Their prices are out of reach for most people and as a result, leaves your trees unprotected.

We guarantee Nobody can protect your Pines from the Pine Bark Beetle at a lower cost or as effectively. Not the BCTG 's or the fly by night dudes.

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We will not be under priced. Saving your healthy trees and making your sick trees and treating your trees as if they belonged to us, is our commitment to you. But if or when it comes to a point where we must remove a dead tree or a dangerous limb, you can rest assured that it will be done right.

Home Again to Texas Roots : Maurice David Carlton :

Our long history of providing professional tree Services, has given us the right to claim we are the best in our field. Whether it's a single broken limb hanging over your house, or an entire tree with a suspicious angle, to protecting your healthy Pines from the Pine Bark Beetle, we know how to deal with it all. Our experience in these matters is unmatched.

Some Background Mary Ellen Myers.

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In , Major Milo E. Myers married my beautiful mother, Mary Ellen Moak, the widow of a distinguished U.