Living in Love with Jesus: Clothed in the Colors of His Love

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Wasn''t I nice? It was a fake nice. You got that funny kind of I''m a caring Christian woman speaker plastic smile on your face. You had that glazed-over look in your eyes as that poor lady was just trying to get a little attention. Some people just need to talk. You know you did. There were a zillion people behind her. I really do. We want to be women who love well, but our cups do not overflow with God''s love. We want to walk in the light, but we find ourselves moving into the shadows. Like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, when she was losing her power, our lights are dim and our colors are faded.

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We become dull, like an empty midnight sky. We are no longer stars that glitter in a dark universe.

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We lack beauty, luster, and life. As in the story Jesus told of the Good Samaritan, we step over the needy or wounded, preoccupied with our own agenda. Likewise, it is in our very nature to size people up by the way they look, by the way they dress, by the way they talk, and even by how much money they have. We are easily offended. And when we are genuinely wronged, we often have trouble letting it go.

Unwilling to forgive, unwilling to let our wounds heal, we peer over a wall of offenses compiled, holding our weapons of anger and self-righteousness. We love those who are easy to love, and we like it even more when they love us back. But Jesus asked, What credit is that to you? Even tax-collectors do that! And if you exchange greetings only with your own circle, are you doing anything exceptional? Even the pagans do that much. Matthew Phillips We are preoccupied with thoughts about how we look, what others are thinking about us, what we''re planning to eat, or watch, or do.

It''s all about us. Let''s face it. The old hymn writers dared to call us "wretches" or even "worms"-and though those terms may be politically incorrect, when we get real, we have to confess that they hit the mark.

Living in Love with Jesus : Clothed in the Colors of His Love

In the midst of a philosophical discussion a young woman reminded Winston Churchill: "We are all worms. Who wants to stay conformed to the world around him, burrowing through the dirt? There are so many believers who are dead and bitter. They''re steeped more in religiosity than in an intimate relationship with Jesus, and they portray that to others.

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Instead of being alive with the colors of His love, they''re watered down to a pasty beige or a murky gray. Some of you, especially those of you who are quite literal, are thinking: Now just what are the colors of His love? You would like us to give you a list, like the colors of the rainbow, and tell you what each represents. We can''t do that any more than we can list all the glorious colors God created in the feathers of the peacock, the petals of the wildflowers, or the leaves of the autumn.

God is so varied in the ways He blesses, so lavish in the ways He bestows His love upon us.

We can''t possibly put a boundary around the infinite creativity of God. However, we are going to show you through the powerful Word of God the secrets to becoming transformed into a vibrant woman of God who clearly displays His lovely colors and, therefore, the distinguishing imprint of a Christian. Dee Recently, I showed my grandchildren how to make an imprint of a leaf. I gave them each a crayon in an autumn color and a leaf from a backyard tree.

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Living in Love with Jesus: Clothed in the Colors of His Love

Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. Published by W Publishing Group New Paperback Quantity Available: 9. She is the author of several books and Bible studies and is a sought-after conference speaker.

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  6. In , Kathy was selected by the readers of Today's Christian Woman magazine as one of the four most influential women in America. Dee Brestin , Kathy Troccoli. Black and White.

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