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But when Jackson, the boy she's been avoiding ever since he rejected her, reappears in her life, Lucy wonders if this summer to remember is one she'd rather forget. Mikayla's never had much luck talking to boys, but when she literally runs into the cutest guy she's ever seen, and sparks fly, she thinks things might be looking up. As things begin to heat up between Mikayla and the one guy she should avoid, will Lucy be able to keep her cool or will the girls' perfect summer turn into one hot mess? And what about that cute guy she works with at college?

No, not him. Definitely getting in the way with his cuteness. But not distracting Courtney enough to make her stop wondering what exactly happened between Grant and her best friend, Beth, back home. Print Quantity: Um, a billion? I need pictures of everyone and everything. Especially Blake. And Spencer.

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But fitting in with the "inn" crowd isn't always easy, especially when the hotel's cutest employee keeps sending mixed messages. And in Better Latte Than Never, Peggy Fleming Farrell didn't plan to spend the summer as barista in a gas station coffee shop because she owes her parents money after crashing two cars. She is determined to make the best of a bad situation, though, and the first step to saving her summer is getting the boy she's been pining for to finally notice her. After all, at this point what does she have to lose? This bind-up features two repackaged fan-favorite novels that are sure to delight readers of Stephanie Perkins, Jennifer Echols, and, of course, Catherine Clark.

And what better way to forget about Spencer than to have the perfect summer fling with Blake, the boy living in the beach house next door? Who could survive four weeks of that? Note that season 2 is better than the first, so be patient if it seems a little dull in the beginning. Like wine, it gets better with age.

They just did an episode almost completely as an 8-bit video game! It is one of the few TV shows to be banished to Friday and then sent back to a mid-week slot. And it was just renewed for an 8th season…. Two hot brothers solving supernatural crimes with rich, long-running plot lines to support the series? I kind of wish I had a book that had all those likes and interests together.

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When I described this to Katie, she said.. I like the idea of Pinterest, but never really got into using the platform. I think this can be a fun project to help you get your ideas together whether you are freshening up your wardrobe, furnishing a new apartment, changing up a room in your house ex. I picture this done with a blank notebook with cardstock-like pages. I think notebook paper might be too flimsy for a lot of gluing, but those notebooks with dividers built in are tempting to separate your idea collections. I was on a good roll by the end of my trip last year, mastering about 75 words and phrases, as well as learning how to read the language just pronunciation, not comprehension.

But now most of those words I have to check on in my language book, and I only remember how to sound out a handful of letters. For anyone else bold enough to take on a foreign language this summer, I highly recommend checking with your library concerning any free programs they offer. I worked with this a little last summer before all my TFA training started and loved it.

I made flash cards as I went which I recently found! Here is a list of the languages offered:. Try Mango first and checking out audio CDs for on the go…this could be you by the end of summer :. I hope one of these or all of these! This past week I had a blast from the past experience.

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Me and my friend from Tulsa were looking around a store at Universal when we realized the guard at the front kept eying us. He went out of his way to talk to us both times we went into the store we had to go back for something , and my friend was convinced he was into me. I think I am a pretty, smart, strong woman and all. I am happy to put together a cute outfit or get my hair looking just right for a night out like any other girl. But the past can kick me in the ass just like anyone else, too.

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  • They are probably the one that has listened to you, offered advice, shared your interests, checked you out, etc. They may not be your one true love, but at least give it a second thought instead of trampling over their self-esteem and feelings without even realizing it. And to pretty girl best friends- telling your friends sorry that yet another guy has fallen for you only makes the friend feel worse.

    You could even be a little bitchy in front of unwanted guys to throw them off the scent. There will soon be another line of guys for you around the corner. It sucks, and I wish I could give you all and the incoming class of us a hug. This past Christmas we did Secret Santa at school. I got our librarian, who just happened to be reading and getting really into The Hunger Games series.

    Well, if you are privileged enough to know a Schrumpf, you should know we do take gift giving to a whole new level. Maggie asked me to post the notes I gave Tina as I went along so she could read them again, so here are the original notes and gift ideas.

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    However, Peeta Mellark took pity on you and tossed you this from his bakery. District 11 is known for agriculture. We actually have quite a lot of cotton fields. Maybe you can use it to keep injured areas clean and free from infection in the arena. Or you can use it as a nice decoration. Your choice :. District 10 raises quite a bit of livestock. Maybe you can visit one of our many distributors and try some?

    We only raise the best cattle, you know. Amongst all the grain we in District 9 produce, we were able to come up with some corn as well. You might not want to pop this in the arena, though. The sound will likely reach unfriendly ears. Panem is not all evil. We occasionally produce cute things, too. See what our textile rich District 8 put together?

    District 6 strictly works in transportation. You should come visit us sometime. Here are some batteries for you. Hey, you might get a parachute with a flashlight and no way to turn it on. Best be prepared for any situation. Guess what District 4 does? Look at your gift. Think about it…. Nope, not cracker manufacturing.

    We specialize in fishing! And apparently we have a sense of humor, too. Citizens of District 3 love their electronics. Some tracks may be missing. District 2 is famous for masonry. Yeah we know. Not the coolest of specialties unless you are from the middle ages. We fashioned up this mug for you, though. Let your mind run wild, and tomorrow your final tribute gift will arrive. Let it serve as a reminder that you should always be the kind of person who would stuff their face with poisonous berries rather than kill the possible love of your life.

    I had been dating a guy regularly for about a month when all of the sudden contact virtually stopped. Yes ladies. All of this in a text message. Oh, and it was sent to me in the middle of my work day instead of the night before when I had inquired about said situation.

    After reading the text, close your eyes, put your head down, and accept that there are no guys left in the world worth dating- no matter how awesome you are. You know you will only cry over your disappointment, be upset that you are crying, and cry more. Solicit and accept all hugs. I told my class that I was sorry for being irritable or quiet and explained that I was hurting because I had a bad fight with my friend.

    Notify the grapevine. You know all those people who you just told you were excited about this new guy you were dating? Just focus on the people you see regularly. If any 2 nd circle people know, you can just tell them later if it comes up when you are already over it. You have ONE chance to text back. After that, communication has to cease or else you will look crazy, desperate, lame, etc.

    Note: I did break this rule once, but then decided it was time to make a clean break and went with delete contact instead. I never go the explicative route or the carefree route. My advice is to always be genuine, nice, and as understanding as possible. I just let this gem of a person go for no reason. Create a post-break up playlist- complete with even amounts of sad and angry music.

    You can add to it as you get more and more towards a Kelly Clarkson-bad ass-single lady outlook on life. Here are some recommendations:. Go out with friends. You do not want to sit alone anywhere for too long and replay the past two weeks to try and pinpoint SOMETHING that would have indicated you would be in this situation now. You might look a little out of place with your friend in sneakers and jeans and you in high-heeled boots, dangly earrings, and a sparkly top, but hey.

    You are NOT going to let your careful expenditures go to waste in your closet. Turn into Jim Carrey from Yes Man. Agree to try everything and anything.

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    Boot camp class your friend has been begging you to tag along to while you laugh at the idea of even considering based on your athletic ability? The world is your oyster, lady! Channel your inner Emily Thorne and find some way to get your final aggression out to move on. Instead of an intricate plot to take down most of the Hamptons, I went with writing this post. Maybe the happy ending is… just… moving on. My Story.

    January 5, Delicious : Advertisements. January 4, January 3, Here is a rundown of my DIY gifts, and how to make them in case you get inspired ; For my mom…. We always end up going shopping, so I figured every time she is feeling stressed out from daily life, she can look at the equally stressed out owl and deposit change in it to save up for something fun later : For my sister….

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    For my dad…. For my best friend Erin…. For my grandfather….


    Do you like my handwriting? Schrumpf teaches us a little bit too much social studies. And what about that cute guy she works with at college? No, not Print Quantity:Um, a billion? I need pictures of everyone and everything. Especially Blake. And Spencer. And handsome. Oh, you mean the photos? The author of Maine Squeeze is back with another funny, romantic novel, this time in the snow.

    A couple. Like: Is Hayden really as interested in me as I am in him? And is my roommate right—should I "beware of hookups"? Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you said "commitment. Let me get through this summer without being fired and heartbroken. Let me fall in love this summer. Let me be part of the inn crowd. Read more 1. From September 11, to May 2, , Osama Bin Laden evaded intelligence services and special forces units, drones and hunter killer squads.