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UNSCR is exceptionally important for children born of sexual violence in conflict. For the first time, a UN resolution acknowledges them as rights-holders who endure both related and distinct harms from women and girls impregnated in acts of sexual violence.

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  • UNSCR 2467 Women's and children's rights as spoils in a war of words in the UN.
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Further, UNSCR calls for the Secretary General to report back to the Council on issues including life threatening risks and harms to women and girls who become pregnant as a result of sexual violence, including those who become mothers and their children. The University of Birmingham has been leading global research into the adversities associated with being a child born of war CBOW and specifically a child conceived as a result of conflict-related sexual violence CRSV.

The Spoils of War

CRSV, which includes rape, sexual torture, sexual slavery and forced marriage, inflicts immense pain, sometimes mortal injuries and physical and psychological suffering on the direct victims, but also — and this has finally been acknowledged in UNSCR — on the children conceived in these atrocities. Projects in the School of History and Cultures, the Law School, the International Development Department and in Global Public Health, among others, have contributed to the understanding that CRSV is neither inevitable nor unavoidable collateral damage related to conflict and war, nor that sexual and reproductive rights are essential for victims of CRSV.

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Failing to specifically include SRHR in the resolution misses an opportunity to confirm and assert strongly that international law requires safe abortion services, HIV prevention, and prenatal healthcare for survivors of wartime rape. This is a widely accepted view, recognised previously explicitly among others by the UN Secretary General, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and the European Union in the acknowledgement of the rights to non-discriminatory medical care in armed conflict.

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  • UNSCR Women's and children's rights as spoils in a war of words in the UN.
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In fact, the UN Security Council has itself previously confirmed the necessity of SRH in the clinical care of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence. Words matter; and words that are missing matter; succumbing to US gag rules matters.

The Spoils of War

But actions matter even more than words and ultimately, any evaluation of UNSCR needs to be based on an assessment of whether this initiative will lead to change for the better for victims of CRSV and their children on the ground. This gives the author plenty of opportunity to develop a cast of larger-than-life characters alongside the more normal ones.

Spoils of Victory

A neatly constructed plot; an interesting character set; an adept sense of place. I certainly was.

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Thank goodness for the courage and perception of small publishers. She took a first degree in classics at Oxford University, then as a mature student, a second degree in theology at London University. She taught at various schools before working for the diocese of Rochester.

She retired as diocesan director of education for the diocese of Rochester in Between and she published nine books featuring Deaconess Theodora Braithwaite in her thirties. D M Greenwood was last heard of living in Greenwich with her lurcher.

Lynne Patrick has been a writer ever since she could pick up a pen, and has enjoyed success with short stories, reviews and feature journalism, but never, alas, with a novel.