Reluctant Soldier, Reluctant Saint

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Reluctant Soldier, Reluctant Saint

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He then became a reluctant saint and was baptized into the Morman faith. He found his love in Allie Bingham, the daughter of a Morman bishop.

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He found his true calling by following his faith. It was a good read and many thanks to Tom Roulstone for sharing. Jun 18, Tausha rated it really liked it. It was full of great history and really got me thinking. I felt it was slow in the middle but I was still anxious to read it and didn't get to bored.

The Reluctant Saint The Life of St. Joseph of Cupertino Part 2 of 4

I really liked reading the story from James point of view, made it very interesting. I got so frustrated with Allie's father. I know he was just looking out for his daughter but he seemed so judgmental. I loved James' conversion story. The ending was very abrupt but overa 3. The ending was very abrupt but overall it was an entertaining and enlightening read. Aug 29, Diane rated it really liked it Recommended to Diane by: I just finished reading this book.

Found it to be a easy read. A wonderful historical fiction that takes us into the history of a new Utah, and little known history of its church. I found Roulstone to be a excillent writer and researcher. The book took me on an amasing journy of James McCorkle and Irish imagrent.

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His journey is full of mishapes but the his faith and beliefs help many times. Aug 30, Eleanor Jethro rated it really liked it Recommends it for: What a great book - I was very pleased reading this. Great way of portraying the different ideals that James held and kept too. The choices he had to make were done based on his beliefs. I would recommend this book to anyone that wanted to read something different from romances and mysteries. Thank you for letting me received this book free from Goodreads Firstreads. Aug 22, Jennie rated it liked it. Roulstone is an excellent researcher and this book, like his others, deals with a lesser known bit of Church history.

It's worth reading just for the historical points, but his characters are kind of cardboardish and the plot is predictable. Oct 14, Susan rated it liked it. Not something I usually like but this was a very good mix. An emigrant, James McCorkle, arrives in America with big plans but gets robbed and finally joins the army to survive. He is sent West to put down the Mormon rebellion. Aug 22, Shersta rated it really liked it. A great new take on the strange but true story of the early LDS church in Utah.

Sep 03, Susan rated it liked it.

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James McCorkle's service in the army will be his "growing up" period. The best of it will be with members of the Church, and accepting the truthfulness of the gospel.