SOS Safely Obtaining Sobriety: The Alcohol Recovery Aid

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Alternative groups still rely on peer support and provide tools for minimizing relapse. Most of these programs are free to join, with the only requirement being that individuals struggling with addiction wish to achieve and maintain abstinence.

Some common alternatives to Step programs include:. The four program points are:. With a variety of tools and homework exercises to help members work through these four points, SMART Recovery helps individuals to find the motivation within themselves to illicit and maintain positive change and therefore long-term sobriety.

Face-to-face SMART Recovery meetings typically follow the same format worldwide in an effort to maintain consistency throughout the program. Meetings usually last about 1. Meetings typically begin with an introduction and check-in period where members can help to set the agenda for that day based on any pressing issues. There is usually a donation plate passed around at some point, as the groups are self-sustaining and require donations to function. Meetings close with a closing dialogue to ensure all participants feel heard and understood.

Homework may be assigned between meetings, and there may be a social hour after the formal meeting concludes for individuals to get to know each other better. Meetings are kept confidential and provide a great space for people to share their experiences and gain support from peers in similar situations. Anyone can drop in to a meeting at any time. The first self-help program to provide support strictly for women suffering from alcohol addiction nationwide, Women for Sobriety WFS is a nonprofit organization that was founded in WFS encourages women to take control of their own thoughts, and therefore their actions, and learn not only to love themselves, but also to exercise self-control and potentially experience spiritual growth as well.

Women are encouraged to follow the program by consciously subscribing to the 13 statements each day.

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Members are asked to spend time each morning upon waking, and each night before bed, thinking through each statement, how it can be used, and its positive effects. WFS also uses meditation, healthy eating strategies, and other holistic healing forms to promote recovery as well. Meetings are run by a moderator who likely has been sober for a long time, and groups are usually women. Meetings last about 90 minutes once a week, and new members are given literature at their first meeting.

Beyond that, women are asked to have their own Program Booklet , to join the WFS online community , and to read the founder Dr. Membership is kept confidential, so women can share in private and with security. Discussions center around WFS literature.

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Sobering Up: Alternatives to AA for Women

Would suggest to anyone looking to change their life! I spent 3 years at the Giving tree as both a resident and staff. I absolutely love this place I was overwhelmed by LOVE, integrity, safety and respect. I can honestly say the staff was exceptional and The Giving Tree has saved my life. Amazing things happen when you pass through these doors. Women grow up, make lifelong friends, learn loyalty, earn respect and find forgiveness.

All this exists because the staff and founder believe in all 12 steps of recovery.

This is evident in that they practice the principles of recovery in all their affairs. The Giving Tree sober living in Santa Barbara is a very special place in my heart because it truly saved my life. Not only did it save my life but taught me and gave me the tools I needed to live clean and sober and gave me the opportunity to have an amazing life today. I received so much love and support from Donette, the staff and residents. This truly saved my life and I am forever grateful. The Giving Tree is tremendous resource for women needing a place to continue their Recovery from drugs and alcohol.

4 Common Relapse Triggers To Avoid In Early Sobriety And Recovery

They are dedicated to supporting and providing a safe, secure and reasonable cost sober living facility. I have known Donette for over 20 years and she has always been a professional, compassionate and highly educated women.

The Giving Tree is the best sober living facility in California. The giving tree provides exceptional honest addiction treatment for women.