The Decline of Spain in the Seventeenth Century (Early Modern History Series Book 11)

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The men who followed the earl of Desmond and Viscount Baltinglass into rebellion in —80 were sufficiently confident of Spanish aid to seek assurances from their leadership that their possessions would be undisturbed following a Spanish takeover of Ireland. After Kinsale Spanish plans to conquer Ireland and crown Archduke Albert king were abandoned in favour of strategies calling for a direct assault on England. Albert, the Spanish reasoned, would have his Irish kingdom, but not before the infanta either dethroned or succeeded Elizabeth.

Groeninge Museum, Bruges. The confederacy, however, did not seek a new sovereign. Exiled from his lands but an experienced military commander who had grown wealthy in the service of the Habsburgs, Charles IV, duke of Lorraine, was an ideal candidate. It was, in the end, fear among the confederate leadership that the kingdom of Ireland would be lost for the Stuarts that cost the confederacy the military support it so desperately needed.

Kings of England claimed sovereignty over the island throughout the period and were the only claimants to that sovereignty whose authority was regularly felt there. Ellis with C. Rumours circulated in Europe that he might be offered the kingship of Ireland.

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Spain in the 17th century

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