The Evolution of Fatherhood

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Britain still lags behind much of Europe when it comes to paternity leave.


The huge increase in relationship breakdowns is also a big hurdle to overcome. And then there is the small matter of whether men really want to spend a lot more time looking after children.

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They tell researchers they want to do more, but do they want to be the main carers instead of their partners? I never could be solely defined by my children. I want to be as hands-on with my children as I possibly can. But I do also want to remain as loyal to my work as I can. I think it defines me, for better or for worse. His own father was mostly absent. I grew up with a very strong mother but I think if my father influenced me in any way it was to be fairly selfish and self-centred. To break out of that completely and to be as hands-on as my mother was, or my wife is with our children, is difficult because I think I can get away with it because I am a man.

If I can get out of things then, shamefully, I sometimes do. It is easy to see that financial necessity might persuade men whose partners have higher-paying jobs to become the main carer in a family, but are men naturally drawn to the role in the same way?

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The bond between a mother and children is, in most cases, undeniable. I had to learn to love my child because my child was a stranger to me. So I did feel the secondary caregiver while she was the primary one. She recalls talking to a senior female politician whose husband was responsible for a larger share of the domestic family duties because her job was more demanding.

What we want for men is what women now have: a sense of achievement in both spheres. Recently a slew of confessional books have appeared in which men have held up their hands and said that they find fatherhood to be a bit rubbish.

The Evolution Of Fatherhood: Meet Dad 2.0

Duerden believes that British fathers are reluctant to ask for help. We are some way behind America when it comes to talking about fatherhood.

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The Pew Research Center released some surprising findings about how dads have evolved as the man of the house. And rather than viewing parenthood as a burden, most dads enjoy the role of parenthood, with the research showing:.


The study revealed that dads now spend three times the number of hours taking care of their kids, along with twice as many on daily household chores, as they did in the s. Everyone Brings Home The Bacon. The Pew Research study found:. This has been a common sentiment among working mothers, but since dads are now taking on more household and child care responsibilities, they are also beginning to feel the strain.

And, an equal number of both parents say they would like to spend more time at home with their kids, but they need to help financially support the family. For one thing, recent research from Statistics Canada in and sociologists at Brigham Young University in shows that fathers in both Canada and the U.

This past February in San Antonio, the eighth annual Dad 2.

The Evolution Of Fatherhood: Meet Dad 2.0

Still under half. Mothers, on the other hand, were holding steady at 66 per cent. In reality, models of fatherhood have fluctuated over the years. Affection was considered a masculine attribute. It shifted over time out of a male domain to a female domain with changes in the economy and the way society functions. Shafer puts this down both to differing family policy — for instance, Canada has guaranteed paternal leave, but the U. Brian Rosenberg founded the website GayswithKids. The more a population diversifies, the less cultural stereotypes will retain their power — especially when people push against them.

Brandon Hay, who immigrated to Toronto from Jamaica via New York at age 12, founded The Black Daddies Club in , in part to combat pernicious and prevalent images of black fathers.