The Vulture Perspective: A Real Mans Guide to a Successful Life

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Seeking to convince Schultz to stay on, Toomes asked Phineas Mason to create the high-altitude vacuum seal for the Vulture's Exo-Suit ready for the Hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane to steal all of the Stark Industries technology, and asked Schultz to stick around for one last heist, which he reluctantly agreed to as the group got to work planning for the mission. Toomes introduces himself to Peter Parker. On the same night of the heist , the Toomes family also prepared for the upcoming homecoming dance at Midtown School of Science and Technology , as Toomes personally warmly welcomed Peter Parker inside his home ready to take Liz Toomes out to the dance and tried to make small talk with the uncomfortable boy, who was seemingly turning pale from nerves before the homecoming dance.

Toomes makes small talk with Peter Parker. Toomes then jokingly asked if Parker wanted any alcoholic beverages and noting that refusing was the correct answer. Toomes watched as a nerved Parker awkwardly took several pictures with Toomes' own daughter, with Doris Toomes questioning if her husband had gotten Parker's name right. Toomes then announced that he would then be driving the pair toward the dance, claiming he was going out of town with Bestman Salvage , promising this was the last job.

During the drive to the dance, Toomes asked Parker about what his plans were post-graduation. Liz explained to her father that Parker had an internship with Tony Stark. Toomes' interest was piqued as Liz declared that Parker was even friends with Spider-Man. When Toomes asked what Spider-Man was like, Parker fumbled, prompting Toomes to ask if they had met before, stating that Parker's voice was familiar to him, as if he had recently heard it somewhere. Toomes realizes Parker is the Spider-Man. However, Liz carried on about how Parker came to their house party several days earlier and left after a few minutes and had mysteriously disappeared during the Decathlon.

Realizing that his botched Chitauri arms deal was on the same night as the party, Toomes began to suspect that Parker might be Spider-Man and inquired how Parker felt to have been saved at the Washington Monument , only for Liz to declare that Parker had not been with them all at the time. Toomes gives Peter Parker just one warning. As Toomes' suspicions about Parker's true identity were confirmed, although he kept his observations quiet and inconspicuous. Once Liz exited the car upon arrival, Toomes told her to give him just a few minutes alone with Parker as he wished to give him the "dad talk".

Once she left, he pulled a gun out from the glove compartment and confronted Parker, asking him whether Liz was aware of his duality and assuming by all Parker's silence that she did not know.

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Toomes threatens to kill Peter Parker 's family. As Parker listened closely, Toomes explained that he was sparing his life in gratitude saving Liz's life while in Washington, D. However Toomes then warned Parker to stop pursuing him at his crew or else he would kill him and everybody he loved in order to protect his own family. Toomes then prompted Parker to thank him for saving his life, declaring that they were now even and sent him into the dance and show his daughter a good time before Toomes drove away. Toomes anticipatively awaits Spider-Man. Fearing that Peter Parker would not listen to all his warnings, Toomes chose to send the Shocker to the school to intercept him if he tried to follow.

Despite Toomes' warnings, Parker did refuse to back down and, following a fight with Shocker, he soon tracked Toomes back to his hideout with help from Ned Leeds and confronted him. Toomes tried to justify his actions to Spider-Man , explaining that everything he had done was to support his family and claiming that the wealthy and powerful care nothing for the common people like them. Toomes reveals his secret plan to Spider-Man. In an attempt to take Toomes straight into custody, Spider-Man used his Web-Shooters to trap him against the table, however Toomes had continued to claim that Tony Stark had made his fortune by selling weapons to terrorists , just like Toomes had been doing.

Toomes also noted that he could see why Liz Toomes had liked Parker, noting that he had not been impressed when he had first laid eyes on him at the doorway of his home but claimed that now he understood. Toomes leaves the Spider-Man to suffocate. When Spider-Man still refused to give up, Toomes revealed he had in fact been stalling and summoned his Vulture Exo-Suit to fly into the room.

When Spider-Man boasted that the Exo-Suit had failed to hit him once, Toomes noted that this had not been his intention.

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Spider-Man then realized too late that Toomes had made the suit break the support beams around his lair, trapping Spider-Man under a pile of rubble and leaving him to suffocate and eventually die. With Parker now seemingly being crushed to death as his hideout fell apart around him, Toomes stepped outside and donned his Vulture Wings which had all been upgraded by the Tinkerer. Looking out just over New York City , the Vulture spied on Stark Tower and waited until the cargo plane filled up with the Stark Industries weapons and all of the other Chitauri and Ultron technology was moved out so he could steal it and sell all of the technology on the black market.

With all threats to his plans seemingly dealt with, Vulture sat over the ruins of his Headquarters and waited for the go-ahead to begin the Heist. Once the time was right, Vulture flew after and quickly caught up with the cargo plane leaving Stark Tower holding the equipment he planned to steal.

Speaking to Tinkerer during his flight, Vulture noted that the Exo-Suit felt like it was dragging extra weight. Vulture chases after Tony Stark 's plane. Once he had caught up with the plane, Vulture managed to avoid the being seen by the cloaking cameras and latched himself onto the side of the plane. Without causing any alarm, Vulture then attached himself onto the plane with the high-altitude vacuum seal before he cut inside using the Matter Phase Shifter. As he got himself inside, Vulture noted to Tinkerer that this had better work, as Tinkerer then reminded him that every box in the plane was worth a fortune.

A Real-Life Cupid Would Have the Wings of a Giant Vulture and a Crossbow

Entering the plane, Toomes used the Anti-Gravity Gun to get inside of the cockpit, finding nobody in there before he then hacked into their systems to override their security with the help of the Tinkerer who was still watching down below while also then deploying the decoy drone to throw the plane's ground control, which Happy Hogan was monitoring, off his scent during their heist. With everything going to plan, Vulture removed his helmet and overlooked the plane. Vulture steals the Stark Industries weapons. Toomes discovered it was filled with even more than he could have hoped for, boxes of Chitauri weaponry, robotic parts of Ultron as well as various armors from the Iron Legion , all of which would be worth millions on the black market.

As Toomes looked at some of the Stark Industries technology which included boxes of Arc Reactors which had been used by Tony Stark , he then began seeking to find the best collection of technology to take away with him, Toomes then began going through all the boxes, throwing aside the one of Iron Man 's old helmets to get to the Chitauri Guns which could all be ungraded by the Tinkerer and sold on to make a considerable profit.

Toomes realizes Spider-Man has now returned. While still marveling at the Avengers ' equipment, Vulture discovered that the high-altitude vacuum seal had become dislodged, causing air to be sucked out of the plane and the alarms to go off. Charging to the security cameras, Toomes discovered that Spider-Man had survived their previous encounter, having broken out of the rubble and quietly followed him and was now attempting to knock his exo-suit off the plane, causing Toomes to curse in frustration.

Vulture charges into battle with Spider-Man. Enraged that all his plans were once again being interrupted, Toomes quickly donned his Vulture Exo-Suit and fought against Spider-Man outside the plane, using his claws on his suit to try and knock Spider-Man off the plane. Vulture attempted to quickly knock Spider-Man off, only to for him to use his Web-Shooters to stick to Vulture before they were both almost thrown inside of the plane's engine, with the Vulture's wings taking some heavy damage as a result.

Vulture furiously attempts to kill Spider-Man. Quickly flying back to the battle, Vulture attempted to kill Spider-Man as he used his wings to stab at the web-slinger, causing sparks and shards of the plane to be thrown around which destroyed one of the engines in the process causing the plane to lose control. Seeing what was happening as the plane fell from the sky, Tinkerer pleaded with the Vulture to abandon the mission while they still could but Toomes refused to leave without at least one crate to make their fortune.

While Spider-Man focused on attempting to use his Web-Shooters to redirect the craft away from New York City , Vulture sliced the plane's outer shell with his wings to attempted to pick up a crate filled with the Arc Reactors , but before Vulture could get ahold of the crate, the plane crash-landed on the beach at Coney Island and causing them both to hit the ground hard. Both survived the crash but the Vulture's Wings were heavily damaged as a result of the crash.

Vulture prepares to attack Spider-Man. As Spider-Man slowly regained consciousness after the horrific crash landing, he took his mask off and looked around at the rubble of the destroyed Stark Cargo Plane.

Because the crash had made his ears begin to ring loudly, Vulture used this to his advantage and was able to pounce at Spider-Man, who was caught off-guard, souring down from the smoke all around Coney Island and knocking Spider-Man over with force. Vulture violently subdues the Spider-Man. Despite the damage done to his Wing Suit , the Vulture sarcastically greets Spider-Man and began to fly across the beach and smashed into Spider-Man, who was too disoriented from the crash to properly defend himself, allowing the Vulture to pin him to the ground with his talons and punch him repeatedly in the face before flying him into the air and dropping him to the ground.

Having already beaten him down into submission, the Vulture then picked up Spider-Man with his own talons, and slammed him into the ground a few more times. Vulture makes a choice not to kill Spider-Man. The pair had a brief conflict in mid-air, which the Vulture quickly won as Spider-Man was beaten into the ground.

Having subdued his own enemy, the Vulture then prepared to execute Spider-Man but became distracted when he spotted a crate full of Arc Reactors. Feeling the heist was not a completely failure yet, Vulture dropped Spider-Man and went over to the burning plane and grabbed one of those crates with his pair of talons, attempting to escape and sell all of the Stark Industries technology on the black market for a massive profit. Vulture tries to steal all of the Arc Reactors. However, all of the radiation emitting from the Arc Reactors caused the Chitauri Technology in Vulture's Exo-Suit to short-circuit and had caused his wings to malfunction.

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Seeing the new danger as he had witnessed this happen in Washington, D. Having ignored Spider-Man's attempts to help him, Vulture's suit eventually went up in a ball of flames. Just after Vulture had crashed landed, Spider-Man ran into all the debris and pulled him out alive. Powerless without his suit and weak from the explosion, Spider-Man was able to use his Web-Shooters to tie Vulture to a crate, where he was later found and arrested by Happy Hogan and the FBI , with the Vulture offering no resistance as he was taken into custody.

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