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And impossible to live with. As she twice proved in a very convincing fashion. Former Daily Star and Sunday Express editor Brian Hitchen met her at a party in Palm Beach and was, I recall, bent thoroughly out of shape when he was introduced to her and bowled over by her behaviour and had some sage and old-fashioned advice for me at the time. It was not entirely a ringing endorsement of my choice of soul mate who, day by day, left me and a good few others feeling more and more demented. Vous ne pouvez pas juger un livre par sa couverture is a phrase that continues to haunt me.

On the other hand, as I say, she was a stunner. And adept at all the things the French are renowned for. And, remember, I was young and foolish then. By Alex Mitchell. The pace of his career was so furious that any chronicler is left breathless recording what he packed into his 84 years.

He leaves a legacy of fine pieces of journalism, a remarkably good novel on Fleet Street and a towering reputation among newspaper practitioners of the old school. There is much in his life for the generation of 21st-century journalists as well: his inquisitiveness and irreverence, a pedantic approach to research and a larrikin joy in experimenting with words to create colour and humour.

Those who scorned his glibness missed the point. He studied psychology at the University of Sydney and, at 17, became editor of the student newspaper Honi Soit. It was reprinted in after being banned for almost half a century. At the same time his expense accounts were an art form in which he developed an awesome reputation.

He once included the cost of a camel and was told to remove the expense because it was unacceptable to the accounts department. In he became Asian editor for Newsweek , based in Hong Kong, and so began a lifelong passion for the East Asian region, particularly Japan. He lived and worked in Japan for the next 30 years, writing for leading newspapers and news magazines in the US, Britain, Australia and Hong Kong. Sayle lost his entire library and archive of papers and photographs in a house fire in and friends raised a rescue fund.

He continued to write for the Griffith Review and Quadrant and give radio interviews. In May , the University of Sydney awarded him an honorary doctorate of letters for his distinguished work as a foreign correspondent and, in the same year, he received an Order of Australia for services to the media. Lifted with permission from The Walkley Magazine , journal of the Walkley Foundation, a non-profit body aimed at supporting and encouraging professional and ethical journalism and rewarding excellence in the Australian media.

Australian-born journalist Alex Mitchell arrived in London in and, following a short stint on the Daily Mirror , landed on the Sunday Times before joining Granada's World in Action. He became editor of Workers Press and its successor, News Line , before returning to Australia in He joined the the Sun-Herald , becoming deputy editor, London correspondent and state political editor before leaving fulltime journalism in He now contributes a regular political column, Reverse Spin, to the Sun-Herald.

Nigel Peregrine Lloyd, who died last month aged 79, was one of Fleet Street's leading production journalists in a career that successfully spanned the ages of hot metal and new technology. His man-management and technical skills were prized by a succession of editors, who saw his abilities as vital in helping to guide newspapers through the greatest upheaval they had known for a century. Lloyd was to hold senior positions at the Observer , the Independent and the Mail on Sunday. Sometimes feisty, always a perfectionist, he was known in the newspaper industry as the man 'who got things done'.

In a form of parallel career he became one of Britain's most well-known ski writers. Lloyd was born in , the son of an architect. It was natural that his love of the written word allied to his intense curiosity would lead him to a career in journalism. Lloyd's next stop was the Observer , where he was to stay for 20 years. He edited the highly-regarded colour magazine and in time became the paper's managing editor It was at this time that Lloyd's obsession with skiing took hold, after going on a winter sports holiday at the suggestion of his wife. It occurred to him that further trips could be facilitated by the simple expedient of writing about them and having them placed in the newspaper.

Even after he left the Observer he continued to have skiing articles published in the paper under the pseudonym Terence Peters, to avoid detection by the editor and his old adversary Donald Trelford, with whom he had fallen out. In he was one of the first senior journalists to be recruited by the Independent. The driving force behind the paper, Andreas Whittam Smith, had faith that Lloyd could play a big part in reshaping and redirecting the sub-editing staff as they mastered the new skills of computer production.

Lloyd didn't let him down. After success there as production editor he went on to be managing editor at the Mail on Sunday You magazine, his final Fleet Street posting. He continued to ski and write about the sport, even publishing his own winter sports newsletter. Nigel Lloyd, journalist: born London 23 July ; married Janice one daughter, one son deceased ; died London 11 December Colour Supplement. By William Greaves. And were it not for such worthy establishments as the Lewes Arms , whose charming maze of little bars lurk beneath the castle ramparts in Lewes, East Sussex, where on earth would you get to enjoy a spot of dwyle flunking?

Allow, if you will, Rebecca Quinn, assistant manager of the Lewes Arms , to brief us all on how to get started. At this stage it would perhaps be helpful to quote from the official rule book, kept by Rebecca under lock and key in a desk drawer:. Most of us above a certain age were once the proud owners of a mixed variety of glass marbles but what we actually did with them was a matter of personal choice and innovation.

Although, who won and whether the good lady accepted the verdict does not appear to be recorded. Almost on the same spot where that fateful match took place, local teams together with international entrants from all over Europe and sometimes from the United States and Canada still converge on the Greyhound Inn every Good Friday for the British and World Marbles Championship, under the watchful gaze of organisers, Sam and Julia McCarthy-Fox. Played on a specially constructed concrete raised ring of six-foot diameter, covered with fine sand, in the middle of the car park, the annual battle royal usually attracts between eighteen and twenty-two teams, is watched by several hundred enthralled spectators and was once covered live by Sky Sports.

Serious stuff, indeed. The first team to remove 25 marbles from the ring is declared the winner. If his ghost were to return, however, it could do worse than study the skills of barmaid Gale, who was happy to take time off to teach me the rudiments of the game. Do not ask how I got on, a chap has his pride. Again for the statistically minded, if all tailors disappear in either one or two goes they are repositioned allowing each player a maxim of 27 points.

Sadly, outdoor skittles has all but disappeared from the British pub scene but other indoor forms are still popular. On one wall a large notice, bearing the date of April 2, , lays down the law in no uncertain terms:. The yearly subscription be five shillings payable in advance and no member shall be allowed the use of the alley whose subscription is more than a month in arrear.

And what precisely is a domino table? But where, I ask you, would we be without the Crown at Benfield in deepest Suffolk? Despite the unremarkable salmon pink exterior of this remote country pub, the lovely landlady, Jackie Grice, claims no less than ten games lie on the agenda within. Until a year or two Jackie used to stage an annual Pub Olympics, with sixteen contestants participating in what can only be described as the Benfield Octathlon only the quiz and, I think, the pokey dice were excluded from the menu and the mighty trophy still stands in the cabinet.

Keep up to date with Ranters. Use the same link if you have recently changed your email address. We do not send any other emails and do not share the address list with anybody. Bill Greaves is still drinking for England. Donna Gee is being merry on the stingy Costas. Eating, I admit, ranks a poor second to tippling, but it is something even the most seasoned boozers among us is forced to embrace from time to time.

Actually, it was with a noticeable spring in my step and a sense of anticipation that I loped into the cavernous dining room of the Great Eastern Hotel in Calcutta, a crumbling and faded edifice that would not have been unfamiliar to Kipling. Moreover, I imagine, he would have felt very much at home among the deserted billiard rooms with their threadbare baize tables, the maze of corridors snaking off dusty landings, the aspidistra decked bar and bathrooms that in all probability had been personally plumbed by Thomas Crapper. I had just taken a glance at the telephone directory-sized, well-thumbed and curry-spattered menu and spotted an item in it that I had been chasing down all my life and felt I would reward myself after a gruelling flight from Kathmandu.

It all had to do with a bunch of stories I was pursuing for the National Enquirer. Funny, isn't it, how the bosses back at headquarters take a look at a map on the wall, determine that it's only a few inches from one location to another and expect words and music by yesterday? And how budget cuts, probably, have brought about smaller and smaller wall maps and smaller scaled versions so that now they think destinations can be reached in half the time? Gravel-voiced Bill Boustead, for one, when he was northern news editor of the Sunday Mirror , was never able to come to terms with such cartographic challenges.

Small wonder. Most of his day was spent in his satellite offices in The Grove and the Swan With Two Necks and he returned to the real office rarely and only to hone his alcohol-fuelled bluster. Others, and they shall remain nameless, but they know who they are, just hated him. Similarly, the guy I was currently doing a piece for had little knowledge of anything that was going on more than a football pitch outside Lantana, Florida, the surprisingly bucolic home then of the NE.

I recall on one occasion spending the better part of an hour praising the virtues of the great first growths of Bordeaux, paying particular attention to their subtle nuances, their refinement and incomparable class, only to be left gobsmacked when he chimed in late in the soliloquy and in his squeaky falsetto confided to the thunderstruck assembled connoisseurs that he too was partial to a glass of Mogen David supermarket rot gut that can be had for less than five bucks a bottle.

And now, seated at my alcove table, elbows planted on the crumpled tablecloth, I positively salivated at the prospect of putting together the meal of a lifetime. With utmost deliberation, I balanced the merits of one dish against the other, waving away the waiter at least half a dozen times after he determinedly shuffled over with his pad and poised pen to take my order. Finally, when I felt I had assembled the right combination of dishes that would fulfil all my gourmet aspirations, I gave him a nod and the affable hotel servant bounded over again to my table.

His relief was tangible. Carefully I thumbed through the astonishing selection of offerings choosing, with his assistance, dish after dizzying dish, pakoras and samosas, naans, chapatis and poppadoms, chicken jalfrezi after jingha prawns and lamb kadhai gosht, mushroom bhaji, saffron rice and an assortment of chutneys, until I arrived at the piece de resistance. The waiter's hand faltered on his pad, a stricken look spreading across his worried face. It took him minutes before he was able to catch his breath. India wasn't the only country where I encountered bitter disappointment when it came to chasing down a memorable repast.

Although, I have to admit, my experience in Kenya, has left me with a tale I will dine out on for the rest of my life.

There again for the Enquirer , hunting down Iain Douglas-Hamilton, one of the world's foremost authorities on elephants and the driving force behind the world wide ban on ivory, I found myself in the vicinity of Lake Naivasha. Now this was a part of the world that was not unknown to me, as I had taken a lady friend to spend two or three weeks some time previously with Barry Gaymer, a famed white hunter who then farmed , acres close to the Great Rift Valley, an area so immense he used a light aircraft to patrol it all.

The Masai and their herds of cattle were strung out in corrals all over the vast stretch of land and it was to one of them that we ground over the dusty tracks the following day. Grenadier guardsmen could not have given us a smarter welcome as the resplendent warriors, armed to the teeth with their razor-sharp spears and workmanlike shields and dressed to the nines in their scarlet robes, all sporting magnificent hair dresses, staged one of their intimidating ceremonial dances. Then the chief conferred a truly great honour on us, allowing us to participate in one of their more sacrosanct ceremonies in which an arrow is shot into the jugular vein of a tethered cow and the stream of blood is mixed with milk and maize to form their staple dish, a challenging and unnerving concoction called posho.

With a broadening smile on his face, he brought the unappetising bowl over to us, inviting us with a sweeping gesture to seize hold of it and sample the contents.

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It would have been a great insult to refuse. Barry had already made that plain. And it wasn't so much the blood and milk mixture that concerned me, but the thick collar of flies swarming around the chipped bowl rim. There was nothing else for it, though, but to tilt the buzzing dish back and think of England. Actually, what I really did think about was a pint of Theakston's Old Peculier. Or Trois Pistoles from Belgium. Or anything, really, to keep my mind off what it really was.

In elegant dining rooms around the world, when the vintage port is being passed and the chink of crystal is picking up apace, and when the conversation turns inevitably to meals that have been savoured and diligently recalled and truffles, beluga caviar and foie gras are offered as the epitome of the epicurean experience, I sit back and smile.

Liverpool Football Club themed hotel is put on the market for £40 million

It has been my good fortune, I often reveal to the assembled throng, to have sampled snapper turtle, alligator and rattlesnake in my travels. It was one evening in February, , and I had been invited to share with my hosts that precious hour when work-a-day Britain traditionally winds down with a drink and a chinwag before rejoining its family fireside. Mr and Mrs Bob Wright were sitting in their usual alcove, where once they did their courting, with Wellington the spaniel in faithful attendance.

David Betts was supping a pint of Ruddles bitter from his personalised pot and about to deal the first hand in the nightly bridge school that he had joined five years earlier. There was the usual sprinkling of end-of-day shop talk with Stella Hodaszy, an year-old secretary, sipping a well-earned gin and tonic as she went through her notebook with her boss and three company directors were holding their twice-weekly board meeting over a sundowner or two.

This was the buffet car of the 6. The message was clear. This truly was a pub on wheels. Nearly all our friends belong to this train and by the time we get home to Battle in Sussex it is really too late to go out meeting people. On the bridge table the drinks were already assembled. Silly question. Farther up the bar, Mike Blease, managing director of an international marketing company, had invited Keith Pepin, a Lockheed executive from California, to join him for a meeting. But a cloud hung over the nightly assembly.

So amazed was British Rail to discover that here was a fraternity of passengers which was actually enjoying itself that plans were already afoot to abandon not only this but all its pubs on wheels throughout the national network in favour of the stark service counter which exist today. Maybe the yanks still have a suggestion or two to offer as the Great British Pub fights for survival.

By Donna Gee. Gentlemen Ranters. Battle-scarred male hacks putting the world to rights. How about heading for a relaxing semi-retirement in the Spanish sunshine and touting her ranting talents to expat newspaper editors? If you can call it a job, that is. I even provided a free sample grumpy column to arguably the most professional free expat paper, the Euro Weekly News.

They gave it a half-page blast under a neat logo, complete with flattering mug-shot of me which I chose, of course. Since I had nothing to advertise apart from my writing skills or lack of them , that was a non-starter. Not to mention the fact that, since all the free papers on the Costas are packed with ads, the modest amount I was asking would hardly have dented his piggy-bank. Ironically, it was a female editor who finally agreed to swap my rants for that princessly 30 euros a month.

And a free magazine aimed specifically at women even if quite a few men also read it. As the Star rugby union correspondent and, later, the Scottish Sun rugby man, Gerry pictured here travelled around Europe and lived in the ultimate macho world. As far removed from Donna as it is possible to get, you might say. I know Harold meant no offence, but my transition was anything but the trivial change of lifestyle his light-hearted line suggested.

It was the completion of an impossible dream I had nurtured since the age of six. Well, maybe not beautiful, but hopefully a reasonably normal woman. When I began living as a female in , I was deputy editor of a weekly group in the north of England. However, I was also working as a Saturday sport page editor with the People and the news spread around Fleet Street sports desks like wildfire.

There had been rumours that one of the subs was changing gender, at which point Derek McGovern, now the Daily Mirror betting guru, apparently opened a book on the identity. Then there was the email I received from Wade Dooley, who had heard the rumours of my transition from a local journo.

All that is now in the dim and distant past. My other half Lynn and I said we were cousins, but when the kids and grandkids came to visit us, the questions became more and more difficult. Since a liar has to have a good memory and Lynn or I are both incredibly forgetful, we decided to come clean. And apart from a few raised eyebrows, the reaction was all positive. Still, I would not dream of revealing all to the newspaper editors I have had dealings with. What business is it of theirs, anyway? It certainly makes no difference to my two daughters and five grandkids, at least three of whom have no recollection of my previous life.

They all know, of course, but none of them care that Donna, Gransy or whatever they call me, was not always a woman. And I remain eternally grateful for the fact that they, like Lynn, my partner of 42 years, remained loyal and accepting throughout the years of trauma. The vast majority of transsexuals are rejected by everyone from spouses to parents and children and go on to plough a lonely path, unable to get a job and bombarded with verbal and physical abuse by the sub-human element of society.

An estimated one in three despairing souls eventually end their own lives, among them at least one with a similar professional background to myself. Los Angeles Times sports writer Mike Penner became Christine Daniels after revealing in print in that he was transsexual. You can read some of Donna's rants on www. Several moons ago, with a mind to cobbling together a piece for the Ranters School of Journalism, we emailed some of the Usual Suspects and asked what would be their top tips for aspiring hacks. The responses were not very exciting and the collation went into the drawer.

The best one, from memory, was: Never swallow phlegm. Most people are paying too much income tax. Back in the pub, John Dodd , who could teach most people a lot about writing, ponders a late career move. Or not. Read a random good article View the entire list of all good articles. Agriculture, food, and drink Agriculture, food, and drink. Language and literature Language and literature. Mathematics Mathematics and mathematicians. Video games Video games. Agriculture, food, and drink Art and architecture Engineering and technology Geography and places History Language and literature Mathematics Media and drama Music Natural sciences Philosophy and religion Social sciences and society Sports and recreation Video games Warfare.

Art Architecture. Computing and engineering Transport. Geography Places.

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World history Royalty, nobility, and heraldry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Good articles in Wikipedia. Film Television Media and drama. Afghan President Babrak Karmal, fighting to subdue a one-year-old insurgency against his Marxist government, claimed that his troops had crushed most guerilla forces and the remaining would soon be wiped out. AP pletan. Usary and latoreat are baaaed by Islam. Israels inflation rate for reached a record per cent, accordIng to an estimate Issued today by the central bureau of statistics. The value of the Israeli currency, the shekel, also fell by per cent against the dollar over the year.

A public opinion poll published here today showed that the popularity of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with Indian voters has dropped after one year in office. Page 3. Thieves who came and went by boat scaled three walls and broke into Oxford Cathedral through a temporary door and looted silver valued at U, Heavy snow fell in South Korea yesterday and today, disrupting air, sea and land traffic, police said.

No casualties were reported. Abdou Diouf. Police, who recovered the head later from a canal Michelle, aged I, was detelopiag psychiatric problems over her ears.

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  • She had to wait oar years for. L J, Smtm -3sm J pa. Page 4. The Bahamas government has turned down an application for political asylum by fugitive American financier Robert Vesco, but officials were unable to serve a deportation order, a government spokesman said yesterday. Police said journalist Mario Scialoja would be brought to Rome today to answer. Police broke into the upstairs office of Ralph s Market last night after a. It was the second known offer to. There were 1, murders in New York City last year, 54 more than the previous record in , according to police figures.

    At least four murders were reported on the first day of No one was. Giuseppe Toniolo said in a. After more than an hour of conjuring in private, during which. Page 5. The pledge was made by Israel. Israeli commandos blew up the bodies of five Palestinian infiltrators on Christmas day after killing them in Southi era Lebanon, it has been alleged here Dutch troops of the United I Nations buffer force in Southern Lebanon reported the Incident to the.

    He was. TASS: U. The two prisoners, Alex. Baghdad international airport, closed since the early days of the Gulf conflict, has been partially reopened. Iraqi Airways said today that aircraft were now leaving Baghdad for the Jordanian capital of Amman on the first leg of regular flights to European capitals. Heavy rains battered a southern Philippine province for the eighth day yesterday, leaving three people dead and eight I others missing UPI. Page 6. Later, tt was paratroopers to Lebanon or the Dominican Republic, ar.

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    Page 7. The previous night, an armed gang had attacked five Malaysian workers with knives in a shopping centre in Boon. The demonstrations of brush and ink painting will be held today at 11 a. Admission is free. They found it hard to stomach the. Did you lose these? BIRD cages, wallets, prams and passports are some of the articles people left behind in tans in the first two weeks of December, according to the Registry of Vehicles. These items can be claimed by their owners within three months at the ROY office in Princep.

    Page 8. But guess who were j looking more anxious than i the kids when. An Education Ministry official confirmed yesterday that there bad been 4, Page 9. Undeclared war between two Chinese dailies hots up THE undeclared war between the two larger Chinese dailies here, which started with competing claims of higher circulation, has escalated. This is believed to have caused much official concern, and both newspapers will doubtless be told to stop trading blows in full.

    From 7 p. The MP for Queenstown. Mr Jek Yeun Thong, will be the guest of honour. When one of the girls, Miss Siti. Dhana to PA: Ask govt for more funds to cover the cost of additional facilities, including squash courts and music rooms.

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    Contribution He said. He laid one woman stood at the doorway, while. Blk Kallang Bahni. Page The best investment on wheels. More economical in everyday use, yet more powerful. Visually, the new generation Mercedes-Benz for definite fuel saving and an increase in power output: looks every inch the dignified, prestigious car that is The design principle, of the cross-flow cylinder.

    THE government is expected to transfer the task of licensing hotels from the Social Affairs Ministry to the Trade and Industry Ministry this year in a move for more control over hotel room. Keep workers in the know, bosses told SINGAPORE employers have been urged to keep their workers informed of their products in the world market, and their business and development plans. Waterloo Street. Police said that investigations revealed that there was a misunderstanding between the se- cur-ity guards and the bartenders of.

    Bag snatch, then cabby found slain in cemetery N. The pair. Malaysian Customs have uncovered a racket involving smuggling reconditioned cars from Singapore into Johore. The Johore Customs chief, Senior Supt Abdul Aziz Ariffin, said today that the racket was uncovered when Customs, following a tip-off, checked the chassis numbers in the. Indonesian Mouh Rapi. The incident took place in front of the customs warehouse on Dec They are puzzled over how Botak Chin came into possession of a knife at his.

    Journalists in Malacca today welcomed the clarification by CID Director Datuk Abdul Rahman Ismail that police officers would not interfere or prevent reporters from Interviewing witnesws in criminal cases. Smugsling of beef into the island has become rampant following the ban on the import of cattle from the mainland Veterinary sources said at least four or five carcasses were being smuggled into Penang daily. They said the State Veterinary Department should curb smuggling. Shops in several areas here had to close after parts ol toe town were hit by a flash flood following a two-and-a-half hour downpour this morning.

    Fri THERE is still a lack of takers for blue collar jobs in the private industrial sector despite the high wages offered. A random check today showed that hardest hit are the electrical, engineering and construction industries and the glass manufacturing. A member Chinese detefaUae will arrive here on Monday, on a ten-day visit to study mechanised farming and agricultural research programmes.

    All packed in a dis tinctive celebration gift box. For yourself or for presentation to your friends, get Otard. Wow and flutter oi only the first direct-drive turntable, our now 0.

    And dfi rumble! The body of a Japanese technician has been recovered near Jenagor River at the Kenyir hydro-electric project in iflu Trengganu. A police spokesman said Kalsuji Isogai. He said at the State Fire Department Carnival this only involved property losses.

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    The Star. Fri A robbery suspect died at the General Hospital here last night 22 hours after he was seT upon by passers-by and neighbours during an attempted hold-up in a house at Lobak Road here NST. The number of Vietnamese boat people landing In Malaysia last month dropped to 1, More than 4. The civil service must increase its capabilities and he prepared to ensure that projects under the Fourth Malaysia Plan would be implemented. If the growing tightness in the. He is now in an lacabatw. He was commenting on the stockpile of.

    The experts Singapore needs under the Colombo Plan include television producers, medical specialists, designers in horticulture, specialists in non-destructive testing and welding technicians.